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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Mixtape Messiah (Disc 1)
Song:   Bonus Track *
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* bonus untitled track on Disc 1

I know my fans are gon' collide about whether or not I'm right
But every word is the truth so don't question about whether or not I lie
You know I'm real serious about respect, I done swallowed a lot of pride
But before you speak about peace, ask me whether or not I tried
But first, ask me whether or not I mind
You ever think of trying that?
Or do you just ask dumb questions just to see how I'ma react?
Did you go purchase this CD just to see if I could rap?
Or did you search for the truth and try to distinguish lies from facts?
Speaking of facts and the truth, what you know about DJ Screw?
You listen to what some people call Screw but how big of a fan are you?
Screw must've been the truth, I never heard nobody slander Screw
Not the music but the man, how respected of a man are you?
Every time they speak about Screw they always will mention love
I'm not gon' lie, my side of town ain't seen nothing like that cuz
And niggas that I remember are gone and the reason might be because
Well, I could sit here and point fingers but who the hell am I to judge?
I ain't here to try to ruffle anybody's feathers
And honestly I just love music, I could care less which DJ is better
Yeah I said it, it's whatever
Rest in peace to the homies Fat Pat, DJ Screw, Big Mello and Big Steve
Shout out to the OGs that paved the way before me
Scarface, E.S.G., J. Prince, Bun B
Oh I could go on forever, Bushwick, Pimp C
Matter of fact, let's just keep it simple, the whole S.U.C.
And to make a long story short, I admire Screw's meaning
Cause not one person ever said greed, envy or cheating
You ain't never heard a Screwed Up Click member say they was leaving
It wasn't about the music, it was love, and there's got to be a reason