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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Man on Fire
Song:   I Got This Outro
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[Chamillionaire - talking]
Hey, you already know what time it is mayne
Chamillionaire, I do it big like that mayne
I want y'all to look out for that album - "The Sound of Revenge"
I'm telling y'all it's coming
And it's that fire mayne, believe that mayne
Hey, thanks to all the fans and everybody out there supporting me
You know what I'm saying?
Shout out to DJ Smallz, Fear Factor Music and Southern Smoke
Period mayne, artist niggaz out here doing it mayne
Believe that ...
Say Smallz when you talk to your people at Universal mayne
Tell 'em "I got this"
And you know what they going to tell you?
"We already know"
Haha, Chamillitary mayne
Hold me down Smallz