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Artist: Chamillionaire f/ Nipsey Hussle
Album:  Major Pain 1.5
Song:   When Ya On
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Chamillionaire]
Whassup? Whassup? Whassup?
They only love ya when you're on; they only love ya when you're on
The only other time is when you're gone
They only love ya when you're on
What goes up come dowwwwwwwn

Welcome to 2011 where everybody's the realest
Everyone who a midget, say they do it the biggest
Every part of your business is everybody business
Got my name all in your mouth; I should have been a dentist
Yeah, everybody done did it, everybody's a critic
I'm like "What'chu talkin 'bout?" like everybody's a Willis
Man they say they love you when the block on smash
Since they so in love, tell 'em they can kiss my cash
Wait a minute you don't like me? Well I don't like you
These fakers sayin that they real but I see right through
The old me, that was the realest person I knew
The new me probably the realest person times two

So when you feels like it's everybody for themselves
And the place where you livin isn't far from hell
And they keep tellin you that you were born to fail
And everybody say they real but it's too hard to tell
Say until I die, I'ma always grind
I'ma be okay, I'ma be alright
If they say I failed, that'll be a lie
But it ain't no such thing as a tie
They only love ya when you're on

Hold up~! You got to be out your conscience
They ain't got no sense and that's why we call it non-sense
How they gon' talk about what you never accomplished?
Like they done done, somethin that's worthy of my responses
(Hold up!) Look at the tags, I'm showin 'em how to stunt G
Candy and papers plates, it looks like I got the munchies
It's so ironic they couch got money in it
But y'all always on the couch and never get any money
Where's Cupid? They only love you 'til your next hook
But I don't check the gossip blogs, I check checkbooks
Ask LeBron, he'll say winnin is the best look
Every move I make is right like I ain't got a left foot
To keep it real a record deal couldn't stop me
I'm bootleggin bullets, you can still get a copy
Lucifer is in a pair of heels in the lobby
I don't dance with the devil call it trill-luminati


[Interlude: Chamillionaire] + (Nispey)
Northside, where you at?
Northside, let me know you got my back
They only love ya when you're on
Southside, where you at?
Southside, let me know you got my back (yup!)
Yeahhhhh, Eastside where you at? (Cham I got you my nigga)
Eastside, let me know you got my back
They only love ya when you're on
Westside, where you at? (Where y'all at? Westside)
Westside, let me know you got my back

[Nipsey Hussle]
Where y'all at, Westside, look
Look I'm a get money nigga on a daily, basis
Road to the riches, potholes in the pavements
That's why I follow every rule and regulation
Makin rap money off this game I've been laced with
Uh, and you can blame it on Black Sam
Blame it on Crenshaw and Slausson Ave.
Fly whip, bad bitch with a fat ass
Bail money, big pistol and a black mag
That's how we play it, we livin for the fast cash
To all my haters, consider this the last laugh
I've been the greatest in my city now I'm past that
It's all money ASCAP, broke bitches bag back
Please, Louie notes, Louis back packs
First class seats like a pillow top mattress
Uh, we can't take it to the casket
So I'ma spend these rags just to laugh at your reaction
Punk~! Yeah, uhh, yup!


[Outro: Chamillionaire singing]
I knowwww! I knowwwwwwwwwwww
They only love ya when you're on
I knowwww! I knowwwwwwwwwwww
They only love ya when you're on
What goes up, must come down; what goes up comes down
They only love ya when you're on
What goes up, must come down
What goes up comes dowwwwwwwwwn!