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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Major Pain 1.5
Song:   Wake Up Outro
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Wake up America! It's morning
And morning is amazing
It's when we charge into the future
When we blasted off for the moon
Scaled the highest peak
And flew for the very first time
Morning starts, and changes everything
It's a clean slate, a fresh start
So come dreamers, and trailblazers
Champions, come builders
It's morning, wake up, and be amazing

{*backward speech starts at 1:32*}
{*backward speech continues until 2:08*}

{*phone rings*}
Good morning, thank you calling Pet Hotel
This is Nick, how can I help you?
  Aha allo, good morning (good morning)
  Good morning ah yes I um
  How how much do you uh charge in American dollar
  for the uh, to keep the um, the the animal?
Monday through Thursday it's $16 a night
  Six-sixteen dollar, sixteen dol ah, okay that's
  I have mo-ney, I have mo-ney
  You do do keep cats? You have room for cats?
  You keep cats there? (Right)
  I have big cat, I have big cat now
What kind of, cat is it?
  Uhh, it's it's a cougar; it is a (uhh)
  African cougar
We can't board a a cougar
  You, you can not keep cougar?
  You have cage big enough for cougar
  You can keep cougar - you can keep cougar?
  I have money
We can't keep a cougar
  You you said you keep cat, cougar is cat
We keep uh, domestic...
  You, you keep, you keep cat
  You dis is Pet Hotel, cougar is my pet
  You will keep cougar
No we can't, we we can't board cougars
  You why you can do you can not keep cougar?!
  God this is discrimination against native Africans
  This Ameri.. I encouter this every single day
  in this damn city, this is, dis is Pet Hotel right?
Right, but we..
  It's, it's hotel for pet?
We aren't equipped to keep a uh, cat like that
  Ga you have sir, you you have, you have room my friend
  You have room for cougar, you have four meter cage
  and you say I bring food
  You give cougar one rabbit every day, cougar good
Sir I'm sorry
  It is, it is discrimination against black
  I need to speak manager please
I am the manager and I am black
  No you are American black man, you are not from the native
That's your opinion sir
  My opinion is right
Well if if that's, if if if you feel so strongly
If that's your opinion, why are you..
  Are you light-skinned? Are you light-skinned African?
Why are you here?
Why don't you go back to Africa, and don't come back?
  That's where I am going back right now
  because I am tired of you Americans
Take your cougar with you~!
  No no no, I will bring cougar up to Pet Hotel
  and have him bite you, cougar will bite you in ass!
Actually I, I don't have time for this {*hangs up*}
  Look I do not have time, look I bring coug - directions please

{*"Chamillitary mayne!"*}