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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Major Pain 1.5
Song:   King Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Smokin, leanin, sippin that purple {*coughing*}
Hahaha, I'm just playin
I'll turn y'all purple though, UHH

I'm like the baddest rapper ever, ever ever? Ever!
I always been It like I stood next to Uncle Fester
Swishahouse professor taught y'all how to be successful
Used to +Run+ the +House+ like Reverend, Diggy and Vanessa
Yes I get a stretcher, that's for competition
Not in my position, they ain't got a pot to piss in
You can call it dissin they stay broke like it's tradition
G4 fly over the hood (man you must think you) Blake Griffin
Finger itchin I got rich and, my mother say she lovin it
She took a mill-ion it took a year 'til I discovered it
I took my money out and I almost shut down the government
I threw it in the tub and let my main chick rub-a-dub in it
Splash~! The passcode on my bank account is "Catch Me If You Can"
(You can't!) I know they gay just undercover like they with the Llan
(The Klan) Don't throw a rock and later say that you my biggest fan
Remove the mic right now so it don't break and beat you with this stand
Your girl be callin me like everytime she grab a phone (a phone)
I never hear 'em all her messages be rather long (dey long)
These losers copyin too much and you cain't say I'm wrong
Wiz Khalifa hit the joint, now everybody Cheech and Chong (c'mon!)
A sign that's on my door that say no man but me allowed
Might see your woman dryin off in here without a towel (wow!)
Don't get confused just cause the Twitter picture got a smile (nah)
Get on Foursquare, post where you at and I'll come show up now (right now)
After I beat you down, TwitPic and retweet this clown
I bet in person all these talkers ain't gon' leak a sound (a sound)
I travel everywhere how come y'all boys don't be around
Take trips where y'all be missin y'all must live in lost and found
Rap game's a female chat and all y'all do is disrespect her
Can't really say you fresh cause all of y'all is whack except for
a few it's maybe two yeah most of y'all is pop as Ke$ha
I wanna grab a bottle and just turn yo' tap to ketchup
I teach 'em how to stunt, Super Dave done taught a lecture (hold up)
See me 2012 and said you fresh as when I met ya (hold up)
I'm in my robe and slippers walkin 'round like I'm Hugh Hefner
I'm dressed in red your girl is black, jump on her like a checker
King me!