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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Elevate EP
Song:   Slow Loud & Bangin
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[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
Slow loud and bangin
I turn my speakers up and then I just start swangin
Sometimes I get behind the wheel, then I start to steer
Don't know where I'm goin but just get me out of here, uh, yeah
Slow loud and bangin
I feel the breeze and it be feelin so amazing
See baby I'm just tryin to live, and I got stress for real
So I drop the top because of how it make me feel, uh, yeah

Here we go
Drop the top and then you know the drill
Hit the strip so I can show the wheels
People say that I'm over trill
but when they talk about me they promotin still
They told me real'll recognize the real
But if you real then you should know Chamill'
If you don't then you should get a coat
because a cold shoulder is the coldest feel
What I'm reppin written on my plates
This type of weapon isn't on my waist
But I can see you ain't got a clue
so be a good detective and get on the case
You can sit on that couch at home
and not reach success and then call it fate
Cause y'all the type that apply the brakes
but know that I'm the type that ain't tryin to wait


Uhh, hol' up
Money don't make you bullet-proof from stress
Get sued, mess around and lose ya vest
Get ya heart broken and bruise ya chest
Peace won't guarantee the Rugers rest
Your good girl tryin to find who to sex
While you tryin to figure what dude is next
Someday you gotta give bad news to press
But even winners gotta find new success
Meditate, then I sped away
Next stop on the map is a better day
Pretend that the clouds wasn't ever grey
Put the past in the past and just let it chase
The passenger side where your head'll lay
While I'm on the route to the getaway
The truth ain't what you should be scared to say
So when I turn the beat up and I let it play it say

[Chorus] - screwed up w/ minor variations

Seem like this world's so chopped and screwed
Good parents don't get proper dues
What the hell happened to Dr. Seuss?
And who taught these lil' kids how to cock and shoot?
Turn 13 and get shot for shoes
Turn 15 and get shot in school
Get too upset when I watch the news
So I just hit the strip in the drop top and cruise
Please Lord don't fail me now
This partnership's a cooperation
I'm on the job and know who the boss
and make livin longer my occupation
They always told me that money talks
I always loved a good conversation
But they ain't seein who behind the wheel
So let's drop the top so they not mistaken

I'm slow loud and bangin...
(Diamonds 'gainst the wheel cause it always make me feel) alright
(Diamonds 'gainst the wheel cause it always make me feel alright)
Slow loud and bangin
Slow loud and bangin
Slow loud and bangin...