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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Elevate EP
Song:   Hold Up
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Hold up (hold up)
{"Chamillitary mayne"}
Hold uuuuuuup

Self-employed so I'm payin me, stayin trill cause it pay to be
Won't lie, I parked handicapped and then get a ticket and pay the fee
Ridin '84 or the '83, ain't ridin them then they ain't with me
How y'all pay to get in the club and then hate on the person y'all pay to see?
Now we got my block live again, look at these whips we ridin in
Makin ballin look easy baby, we don't practice like Iverson
Slidin in on them super pokes when I'm gettin close and just guard your face
All the sinners start callin God, all the rappers start callin Ma$e
Drop soundin like an earthquake, trunk bound to make the earth shake
Every day is a movie for me like the destination on the first date
Tellin me it's her birthday, new shoes and her purse suede
You should go and preach to the choir, I ain't the one that you can persuade
She ain't worthy of the hotel, I wouldn't even get a motel
Mess around and take your girl from you then sell her to ya for the wholesale
(Oh well) Have her back, won't love but I love the stacks
So I'm pullin up in that you-know-what and they lookin at me like, "What is that?"

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
Hold up, hold up, hold up, that's what they call it
Uhh, soon as they see me roll up, roll up
They don't know what to call that so they call it, call it, call it hold up
Hold up, hold up, hold up - that's what they call it
Hold up, hold up, hold up, that's what they call it
Uhh, soon as they see me roll up, roll up
They don't know what to call that so they call it, call it, call it hold up

Told Brad to send me a track, he send me a track that sound like the trap
I don't normally do this, but ay when I do it sound like a "brrat"
Competition left layin flat, I'm just hopin that you try
I'm just hopin you try to try me, get dragged around by your suit and tie
You can catch me in a foreign city where they don't even know I rap
First album went platinum so there ain't many places on my map
Goin golfin in Iraq, goin shoppin in Dubai
She be askin her man for gifts and give me the gifts that her dude buy
Bought a wallet with a mouse trap, no rat can get my cheese
Hoodrats'll get no scraps, get throwed back like Huaraches
Wanna book me for 5 G's? Read the sign that say "Stop please"
Can't knock me, my trunk knockin, might make your woman look knock-kneed
Call me but I'm unreachable, too trill to be speakin to
Got lost in my own garage and they couldn't find me for a week or two
My trunk'll open like peek-a-boo, neon lights'll be seepin through
Candy blue, all my speakers blue but I turned 'em up and my speakers blew!


Hold up man, just hold up man, rep the state then pour up then
Chew up cheese then throw up grands then get some bread, y'all know I jam
It's lunch time, she got one friend, but just one fine
One four, one dime, you already know which one mine
Trippin like Juicy J, Cee-Lo done got me in the booth today
If it come between hoes and dough I drop off the chick and then scoop the pay
Might as well, I might as well, passin up dough is a major fail
Take a trip to South Africa but can't leave the paper like Dave Chappelle
Realest rapper you'll ever meet, she want an autograph on her fake breast
Too young or just too dumb, girl slow it down and take a brake test
Jack is out when my 'llac is out, don't worry 'bout it, I ain't stressed
Hot chocolate on my hollow tips, they might mess around and get a taste test


I made a New Year's resolution 
that I wasn't gon' park in no more handicap spaces
Haha, you already know how that turned out
You gotta forgive me though
It ain't too many places to park a spaceship
I'm tryin to be a better person though