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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Elevate EP
Song:   Emotional
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[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
Your man was such a lame girl, that's how I got close to youuuuu
You know it's true, you know it's true
Please don't say no names girl, just do what you're s'posed to dooooo
Emotional, emotional, girrrrl
You know you got a man girl, he don't even know you
Been with me the whole night, sweatin up the whole room
Just do what I say girl, everything'll go smooth
And you know that he'll be home soon, oh yeah
Can never let a groupie get too close to you
They always get a little too emotional
Always get a little too emotional
Emotional, emotional
You know that you should do it like you're s'posed to do
You know that you should do it like you're s'posed to do
You know that you should do it like you're s'posed to do
You know you do, you know you do

Thought last night would be the end of that, thought you could tap that then relax
What you thought, you could just send it back, and never really knew that she would get attached?
Nothin wrong with a little bad behavior, long as you don't do nothin to agitate ya
She just want cake and wanna eat it too, birthday suit, you can have it later
Can't replace her, she's permanent, at least she is in her own eyes
Besides you never had much success when you cut her off the last fo' times
You know it would be so wise, if you didn't try to tell no lies
Call it lust but she calls it trust but she's poppin up, it's like "Surprise~!"


Just stuck in the moment, layin up in your home at
the time you're s'posed to be somewhere else and I'm realizin who home yet
Got some company on deck, but she ain't tryin to condone that
She just tryin to reach out and touch tonight, she ain't tryin to have phone sex
Got to see you before the club, feelin like it's way more than love
You would think that she less than tipsy but seems to me that she poured enough
Lift it up and then hold it up, who left lipstick all on that soda cup?
She just hope that you noticed love, you know what's up, you know what's up


Got caught up in that tangled web, painted dress and them bangin legs
Got caught up in that pretty view and then realize it became a ledge
Real emotions that came with sex, plus you stay at that same address
You just had a few steamy nights and yo' dirty laundry just made a mess
Clean it up, you weren't taught to lose, pay attention to all the clues
Runnin through my mind all day but look at all the mileage she put on your shoes
Wonder where it got all confused, you knew the code but broke all the rules
Awkward moment that quick hit, type of relationship turned chopped and screwed
You accepted that offer, and tryin to say she no stalker
A mental clip is full of hollow tips, she gon' make you duck and then dodge her
And you kept dodgin them calls, huh, just when you thought that you lost her
She found you quicker than OnStar, don't try to say I ain't warn ya