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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Elevate EP
Song:   Elevate
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Uhh, well it's beginning to look a lot like y'all, follow my every step
Take notes on how I rep, what else would you expect?
Oh yes, they say that money talks in these streets
If money talks then who say the most and who say the least?
Speak, that's if you can and if you can't choke
Ironically the ones who can't the ones who ain't close
They tell me this how the city really supposed to feel
Tattoo my name in your checkbook, that'll let me know it's real
Listen, hatin is a decision
I normally stay in the cut but some people hate the incision
Tell you 'bout that suspicion, I ain't gettin commission
And tell you how well and different they'd do it in my position
Aborted mission, you shoulda coulda woulda shoulda did that
If it's 15 minutes of fame, where yo' minutes at?
What have ya ever done? What have ya ever did?
It's rhetorical, don't answer that cause you know what it is

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
When you're movin on up and everybody wanna roll
They say they love me but I can never be sure
So you know, you know
I elevate on these hoes - elevate on these hoes
They can talk down about me everywhere they go
But they don't say it when they see me in the streets though
So you know, you know
I elevate on these hoes - elevate on these hoes

Uhh, they'll tell you fate has said you can't win
What good's a hustle when your mentality caged in?
I pull up on 'em, park it right up on the pavement
Step out and look and be stuck in my own amazement
And that feelin still ain't fulfillin
Millions on top of millions, you gon' become the villain
You see this one-room apartment where we was livin?
This why I'm claustrophobic and ridin without the ceiling
Guess who callin my number, sittin in her pajamas
Feelin like it's a bummer that I ain't give her the lumber
Tappin that like a drummer, turnin her to a cummer
And stayed up somewhere in winter that's feelin like it's the summer
Hol' up; the garage as big as the court
How you learn how to ball and not even get in the sport?
Decorated the grille, made it look like an ESPY
But you can't see the front when you're in the rear tryin to catch me


See I came up on that Scarface and I came up on that 'Kast
That Pimp C and that Bun B, the professors of my class
When a major deal had came through, who came up on one last (who?)
Same person that taught you how to come up on that cash
They say that flattery's what you get from an imitator
Gave birth to all my haters, I shouldn't have paid for your labor
When you turn to the savior they never ask for a favor
Watch people that never gave ya a favor act like they made ya
But I - got to get mine, get it, get in the rotation
Gots to stay trill, never been a imitation (elevate on these)
Never stop mine cause they come with complications
Broke them boys off, caught 'em with intimidation (elevate on these hoes)
Look in my eyes, try to tell me what you're facin
Out the north side, it's a legend in the makin
Watch where I slide in the elevator though
Elevate on these hoes, elevate on these hoes