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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Ammunition EP
Song:   You Gon Learn (Late Service)
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[Intro: sample]
"Cause each, and every day that you stay away
 Breaks my aching heart in two and it's causing me to pray
 Oh baby, baby, baby"

[Chamillionaire over Intro]
Never that
You know we couldn't stay away
I appreciate you
Thank you for coming back around too

Back for the late service, the dress and the church body
Leave those who actin Hollywood by theyself like Macaulay
You work to get the punani, work to get a Denali
You in the new Bugatti then you in Illuminati
You slackers is killin me with your silly conspiracies
Never goin to hell, I'm so cold that I'm finna freeze
Bet you could feel the breeze, Jesus is on the piece
In the middle of the Middle East, Jesus is 'bout to sneeze
Lord bless the jeweler, people that never knew ya
with amnesia forget when they wouldn't say nothin to ya
Women that never love ya, thinkin 'bout how to do ya
Do ya Jeremy Lin and they yellin out "Hallelujah"
Back to my non-profit is really just all profit
I learned from you false prophets now empty out y'all pockets
Ain't down with that flip-floppin, hope that they all stop it
We on the road to the riches, get out if you're car hoppin (let's go!)

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
This is where you learn how to win
The congregation is here, let the conversation begin (A-men)
Turn your scriptures to page ten
Cause loyalty's everything and flip-floppin should be a sin (A-men)
Pass the offerin plate again
If you supportin the movement then prove it by what you spend
Everything has a price, if you ain't learned anything in your life
... you gon' learn tonight

Yeah, they told me that she would sue if I paid her then she would settle
Gave my lawyer a note and right after that it was settled
Pumpin it for the devil but I ain't down with Geppetto
You couldn't see on my level and calculate in stilettos
Thinkin back to when I was promotin and passin demos
Turn the face to a bezel, move momma from out the ghetto
Blessed with the gift to riches, I know this ain't accidental
I'ma live like the +King+ that was never from Sacramento
Gotta show every night I'm not makin it back for Leno
Groupies beggin to get in the room but it's just a rental
Tryin to get in the circle, they think they can crack my mental
Never could be my dawg, send 'em back to the kennel
Always in good spirits, never a pessimist
You think you could kill my spirit? You think you a exorcist?
How she askin for child support when you never done met the chick?
If money's the root of evil a pocket is devilish
Normally the usual unforgettable predator
You should be mad at you, when you met her you met a whore
Your baby mama's a hoe that know every rich rapper metaphor
How you mad she a hoe when you know that's just what you met her for?