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Artist: Chamillionaire f/ Lee-Lonn
Album:  Ammunition EP
Song:   On My Way
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[Intro: Lee-Lonn]
On my way, my way, mm-hmmm yeah
On my way, my way

[Chorus: Lee-Lonn]
You just need, motivation
So I'm thinkin, you should let me give you more than conversation
Just a demonstration
How, I'ma lay yo' body dowwwwn - I'm on the way
I'm in my ride and I'm coastin, headed to ya
I'm on my way, my way, mm-hmmm
In my ride and I'm coastin, headed to ya
I'm on my way, my way; take it easy

I'm on my way, ay
When I'm pullin up in my drop miss, you know it's normally topless
You know these suckers ain't got this cause they car garages are dropless
I hope ya door is unlocked if, you need I'll be ya new locksmith
I took so long cause my driveway is like the parkin lot at Metropolis
I'm always careful which whip to choose, no evidence or forgettin shoes
If breakin broads was against the rules I know every day I'd be gettin sued
"Chopped N Skrewed" to get you in the mood, get out ya shoes and get in the nude
Ever since they told me money talks I've been chattin like I'm gettin interviewed
It must be somethin that's in Moscato that make a model say that she'll swallow
On the way and all I can say is I'm there before you're done with the bottle
Shift the gear then I hit the throttle, I swerved so much that I missed a pothole
On the way, it's yo' lucky day, I'm 'bout to make you feel like you hit the lotto


I turn the corner, I'm tippin down, you in the presence of greatness
Never been a Chef Boyardee, I can't let the women and cake mix
That's tasteless and I taste chips, forgive the kid for my lateness
Before you even turn off the lights I'll be there to give you that facelift
What I meant by that last line is I'ma be in yo' face like botox
If you got socks then lose those socks and have nothin on but yo' throat box
Diamonds larger than road rocks while I'm tryin to prove how I show stop
Car lookin like a cruse ship, I got no garage, I load docks (I load docks)
No road blocks (no road blocks) I float daily (I float daily)
And you'll float too when I get to you, it'll get so wavy
I'm the only playa who you know lately that can coach a girl to get so crazy
Make you +Kiss a Girl+ like you know Katy, I can motivate you, let's go baby


I'm 'bout to exit the freeway, to break you off if you'll let me
I just know that - you'll let me; I just know that - you'll let me
I'm pullin up in your driveway, I just hope that you're ready
I just hope that - you're ready; I just hope that - you're ready
Nothin but the finest candy coats is what you're tastin
Push it to the limit, call it motor motivation
Hope you're buckled up, I hope your seatbelt got ya braced in
Texas playa so well do it slow or switch the pace then
I'll be the playa headed to your location
to be the person that you're puttin your faith in
The pillow that you're layin on waitin
will be the pillow that you're puttin yo' face in
I told her never get it mistaken
I know I'm better than the rest, I got great wind
Good things for those who stay patient
I bet I get a couple standin ovations


Take it easy