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Artist: Chamillionaire f/ Angel
Album:  Ammunition EP
Song:   Never Enough
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[Intro: Chamillionaire] + (Angel)
Everything will change tomorrow, just wait
Everything we had seems different lately
Everything at first is always so great
But iiiiiit's (never eeeeenough, never eno-ooough)

[Chorus: Angel]
You get up and then you fall flat...
Even when you give your all back...
They try to tell you where your heart's at...
Someone tell me what you call that
I believe, I believe it's never enough
I believe it's never, neverrrrr enough
I believe it's never, neverrrrr enough
Never, neverrrrr enough
Everything, is never, neverrrrr enough

I'm thinkin 'bout all of the people I went harder for
While I read the Holy Scripture like it's Art of War
Pretty women is skinny dippin, where the party boy?
Skippin the crib like I ain't get to book it on this tour
If I wasn't ready and never seen it all before (what up)
Probably keep a loaded weapon up in all my drawers
Cause I know it's people envious of marble floors
If everybody had the answers it would all be yours (wooo!)
Success coulda ran from me, I said "I woulda caught you"
You coulda just been the person I'd open my arms to
It coulda been somethin said that I'd never respond to
Or you coulda just gave a reason for me to assault you
You coulda just worked it out with somebody you talked to
That coulda been somethin that someone else never taught you
You coulda been legendary if you had the heart to
That coulda been somethin that wouldn't come back to haunt you
What's up


[Chamillionaire over Chorus]
They try to tell you where your hearrrrrt's at
I believe, it's just never enough
It's just never enough

Tell 'em you won't do it, they'll say that it's foolish pride
Pour your heart out and they actin like someone lied (lied)
When you stand up for somethin they'll treat you like someone died
But if you stand up for nothin just call it a homicide
Told me to fear God, now tell me is that coward?
Named the kid X, a symbol of black power (power)
You just plottin and schemin, remain in that towel
Lactose intolerant to you dames who that sour
Do anything for the money, but tell me what does it mean (mean)
If money's everything get it and tell me what else it brings (brings)
Geppetto pull out that metal, which one in your crew'll sing?
You puppets, you better duck it or learn who pullin the strings

[Interlude: Chamillionaire]
Send a kite to Federal through the bing
They sell they souls for soles of Jordans and foolish things
Careful, the truth stings - I know that you had a dream 
but ain't no Martin Luther Kings out on Martin Luther King

Hold up, now someone tell me what you call that (call that)
Think you beneath 'em so they think they can walk on you like a doormat
The only way that I can solve that (solve that)
Get on the beat, spit all this heat, straight to the heart and get 'em all clapped
Cause this apparently therapy, I'm hysterically
laughin at anybody who thinkin they could embarrass me
You live vicariously through the words that I'm inherently
passin to y'all but I ain't gotta do necessarily (nah)
Why should I bother? I know that I'm not your father
You'll never become a baller, I never slept with your momma
You'll never become Obama, you'll never get any commas
You'll never get anything in your life but plenty drama (what else?)
I set the precedence for my lil' seed
They cut me, I'ma bounce back like I'm Shaheem Reid
Au revoir to all the enemies that I didn't need
See real recognize real and that's why I can't see no one but meeeeee

Never eno-ooough
Never eeeeenough
Never eno-ooough
Never eeeeenough