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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Ammunition EP
Song:   Let's Get That
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[Intro: Chamillionaire]
You gotta have +Ammunition+ {*gun cocks*}
Plenty of it, silencers, rapid fire {*semi-automatic gunshots*}

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
Just give me two homes in different locations
Just make one a little mo' spacious
And two Roleys dipped in gold faces
And two girls that's known to switch places
Ready let's get that... let's get that, let's go
Let me know if you with that... you with that? Let's go!
Just give me two yellow bones with cute faces
Gotta be bad, can never be basic
TV screens is lookin like "Matrix"
Car so fast the police can't chase it
Ready let's get that... let's get that, let's go
Let me know if you with that... you with that? Let's go!
We can get it now

See everybody act like they the man to watch
But I don't even see 'em runnin half the block
Influenced by the Michael Watts and Rap-A-Lot's
I won a Grammy and I still ain't took it out the box
When I was comin up I never had a lot
So now I want it all, I gotta have ya spot
Now everybody actin like it's candy drops
But they bitin like when Tyson and Evander box
Oh well I still'll ride fresh, switch 'llacs every season
Kick a do' down, my rap's what they needin
Couple bad women that'll pledge they allegiance
Never broke hoes, Coach bags are deceivin
Two straps on me, never dealin with a pat down
while I'm walkin to the private jet in the background
I ain't see a throne, that's why I never sat down
Pass it to the +King+ like cats out in Sac-Town
No DeMarcus, I don't give a damn
It's no Instagram, I'm just into Cham'
Open hands and then enter grands
Anything I got, I'm gon' get again
Killin all y'all, tell me what do y'all call
bad guy that never pass, I'm the villain ball hog
You on the come up but I'm playin Duck Hunt
When I put my guns up, that's the day that y'all fall


You ain't playin in the game, you a lame, you a mascot
Always tryin to criticize the things that we rap 'bout
While I'm movin like a pair of J's on the blacktop
You don't run a thing but out of space on your laptop
I'ma start a tab, my change never max out
Main broke rapper, main one pullin cash out
I'ma have yo' woman on swangs in my 'llac drop
You don't like it you can catch a fade like a flat top
Lame get a name, y'all lames tell him "That's hot"
Not me, I say I never bought it boy
I'm comin for the money like an auditor
Look how I murder everybody that you thought was raw
It don't mean that you made it if you on a tour
You're not a headliner if you're on at four
Anybody got beef, I'm a carnivore
Don't make me rain on your parade like it's Mardi Gras
Not Mardi Gras, it's not February
Not January, it's Ben & Jerry
Mixed with some liquor, it's a Bloody Mary
Such a nasty flow it's unsanitary
Gettin motion sickness cause I roll the sickest
On the road to riches and you know the bid'ness
Cause the flow is vicious, you supposed to witness
When I get it I'ma be like "What I told you snitches?"


[Chamillionaire - singing]
Showtiiiime (shoooowtiiiiiime) 
Turn dowwwwwn the liiiights
It's showtiiiiime (damn riiiight)
And this worrrrrld iiiis miiiiine
No liiiie (noooo liiiiie)
Turn uuuup the briiiights
And let's shiiiiine (alriiiiight)
Cause this worrrrrld is all miiiiine, mmmmm

[Outro: Chamillionaire]
Should never be a question in yo' mind about it
Stay loaded {*gun cocks*}
See you call it motivation {*semi-automatic gunshots*}
I call it, "Ammunition" {*BLAM*}