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Artist: Chamillionaire
Album:  Ammunition EP
Song:   All Mine
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[Intro: sample taken from the movie "Scarface"]
"Time has come. We gotta expand.
 The whole operation, distribution.
 New York, Chicago, L.A.
 We gotta set our OWN mark, and enforce it.
 We gotta think big now."
"Think big."

Sittin in my Jacuzzi, sittin in my Jacuzzi (uh)
Overhearin talkin 'bout 9-5, nah that ain't gon' move me (uh)
Anything less than ten bro, that's that old Nintendo
Cause y'all playin games, stop playin games, I spent that on my windows
(You spent that on your) and oh, I spent that on my ten hoe
When your dough get long enough then they'll said you got exten-dough
You can turn your doors to bullet-proof and that wouldn't stop an attempt though
Ain't worried about anybody shootin through cause I'm thinkin 'bout the demo
(Hello? Hello?) Don't call me on the wrong jack
(Don't call you on the wrong WHAT?) No, just hang up and don't call back
Hope yo' car is trustworthy, hope you got the Carfax
Hope you don't open the do' and explode right after contact
I keep a banana with me, I think I'm Axel Foley (uhh)
Hope you get my point like you tryin not to be a goalie (wooo!)
You said they have real rubber, what's this garbage they sold me?
If the world was sucker-free then I'd probably be here lonely

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
If you ain't got it, you ain't got it, me and you just ain't the same
Got that viral +Ammunition+, watch me hit 'em with the paaaain
Sittin in my Jacuzzi watchin a groupie do her thang
If she work it well enough I might remember this girl's naaaame
Movin through the airport, hundreds with the small face
I know they gon' check me so they tempt to rob my broad waist
Walk into the White House, she thought this was our place?
This my house, what you think? You Scarface?
Yeah this world is all mine
Yeah this world is all mine
I said - yeah this world is all mine
Yeah this world is all mine

[Interlude: sample taken from the movie "Scarface"]
"You need people like me so you can point your fuckin fingers...
 and say, 'That's the bad guy.'
 So say good night to the bad guy!"

All mine, all mine, come and take me up off the throne!
{*gun cocks, semi-automatic gunfire*} They'll pull my hollows up out your dome
And I'm back in town, I ride alone, they tryin to run up inside my home
Copycats, my body clones, oh no, they softer than Styrofoam
... Your problems with me is on wax
I'm gon' argue with you, that's non-fact, I don't bob and weave, I bomb back
I could sit on top of these tall gats, just sit on top of these tall stacks
And be higher than you little liars and you still wouldn't get to reach where I'm at
I lead where I'm at, and I'm poppin up on you out the blue
Who you think that you talkin to with that "tu casa mi casa" fool?
Keep surveillance for all my haters, you watchin me? Well I'm watchin YOU
Keep the butcher knife and a drill, just try not to get chopped and screwed