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Artist: Chalie Boy
Album:  I'm Here
Song:   Nothin' Like a Slab
Typed by: Lil Hustle
Yeah it's that slab music nigga, that Texas shit
Whether you rolling a foreign, or you rolling a drop
24's or 84's, let's ride
[Hook - 2x]
Yeah we like them Bentleys, Porsches and Mclarens
Maseratis and them Rovers, got your eyes glaring
But I love to grab, when I'm swanging down the Ave.
In my candy coated old school, cause ain't nothing like a slab
[Chalie Boy]
I'm riding a curve, Ferrari in the gargae
8 Ball and 'JG screwed, Comin' Out Hard
Swanging down the boulevard, popped trunk it's an applause
My black superman slab screens, read above the law
Diesel and I'm present nixing, with the past look throwed
'79 Cutlass on twenty inch, 84 glass and vogues
Making boppers say whoa, haters holla fa sho
Slab motor is the truth, you need proof let's go
Pink slip please, hand me that key
My retail, is more than I paid for my new SUV
Got a 26 inch high, blue general Lee
His twin sister in the backyard, I eat your dinner for free
[Hook - 2x]
[Chalie Boy]
'79 Fleetwood, '09 Deville
Both got butter seats, both wood wheel
Both triple coated, and fully loaded they is
But my booshie broad like plastic, and my shorty like steel
Fly in my Lexus, it's quiet in my Audi
Top of my class, you hear my Charger and Magnum come loudly
My Silverado setting standards
But I'll shake it all up, in my old school Fred Sanford
Dropped down the Amber, Lamborghini'll spoil ya
But it's something, bout flipping a deuce and a quarter
30 inches, off of the ground
New whips looking nice, but my old school's holding it down
[Chalie Boy]
On my mama, on my hood
In my Delta '88, I look good
'78 Thunderbird, leatherd up with wood
'62 Shelby stang bang, will make you drop where you stood
I could, step out an Impala
High octane heavy metal make you flex, few holla
SS Camaro, growl like a rottweiler
My Biarritz a yankee big dog, Benz by the collar
Whip game proper, crush whatever thought you thinking
What's that smell, me and Obama in the Lincoln
El Camino Caprices, to Regals and them crown victs
Any car I show wherever I go, bet I clown it mayn