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Artist: Chalie Boy
Album:  I'm Here
Song:   Freedom
Typed by: Lil Hustle
Ay this Chalie Boy, Dirty 3rd Records
Whut It Dew family, DJ motherfucking Rapid Ric
Just to let y'all know
[Chalie Boy]
I animorph into a motherfucking beast bitch
I break chains, what you doing with that leash bitch
I ain't Busta-Bust my nigga, but you could trust
I be swallowing tracks, that pump game if you weak bitch
I'll dash every last one of you haters, with hot grease bitch
Step out on the field, I'm stomping on you with my cleats bitch
Throwing hitter quitters, never see me deceased bitch
This is the season, for me to be giving grief bitch
Mistletoe kiss the flow, knuckles hit your teeth bitch
Get your clock cleaned, thinking shit's sweet bitch
Giving boys the blues, like cops on Hill Street bitch
Grind time, rap game bang heat bitch
I hear I'm funky on the mic, yeah I reak bitch
Name not Memphis, but I'll make you like Bleek bitch
Talons line out the eagle, hit you in your beak bitch
I ain't even at my motherfucking peak bitch
Name not Michael, but they listen when I speaks bitch
Mayweather flow quick, stay out my reach bitch
Didn't listen wrecking 101, it's time to teach bitch
Hip-hop, some people love it others hate it
Often times, art needs to be in your face
(Bob Dylan has to get in your face, uh
Rolling Stones at some point, have to get in your face
So does hip-hop), but is there a line
If that in your face aspect of hip-hop, is glamorizing violence
And-and drugs in some ways, and objectifying women
Should we stand up, and say stop enough
Freedom, freedom to say what's on my mind
So if I feel like saying bitch nigga, or hol' up motherfucker
So you don't like it then don't listen that's fine, this is my mind
Freedom, freedom to say what the fuck I feel
Freedom to say, what the fuck I feel
Freedom to say, what the fuck I feel
[Chalie Boy]
You took away ruler in schools, so a teacher couldn't hit a nigga
No rule at home, yeah that child abuse card'll get you nigga
Fucking up the world, and you deserve to get your issue nigga
Feeling blue cause it's true, hurt and paint a perfect picture nigga
If not words then use looks, will still constrict a nigga
Stopped being perfect long time ago, read a scripture nigga
Choice, so choose to be sour like a pickle nigga
That's why I wouldn't give a hating hoe, a nickel nigga
The ocean look and smile, up to the big fish nigga
Appetizers won't hold me, so bring the big dish nigga
Aspiring artists, listening to this disc nigga
Put proof, and you can make it if you take a risk nigga
Remember this, I was assed out nigga
Wanted to ball with both fists, the last shout nigga
The real reason, I'm starting to cash out nigga
I gambled the hell I felt, till I passed out nigga
This is my...mother...fucking mouth nigga
Why you worried any way, I'm just a simple South nigga
Ain't nobody listening, to what I'm talking bout nigga
Or are they really, and you just figuring it out nigga
First it's rap music, and rock music
It's being cast as a poltergeist type figure, in my case
I can relate to NWA's song about the police
[Chalie Boy]
Chalie Boy, representing Calvard and Hern hoe
Grinded for a minute, patiently waited my turn hoe
Country but far from a dummy, listen and learn hoe
Put that foolishness up in the air, and let it burn hoe
If you don't show your children, you truly concerned hoe
They gon' end up how you really, don't want em to turn hoe
I ain't do it, you picked Bush full term hoe
Now the US looking like, it smoked a bag of sherm hoe
Dummy for a leader, and you blame it on my words hoe
You ever listen, to what he be reading off them monitors hoe
Fuck that and fuck you, I think this shit obsurd hoe
And fuck Oprha, I'll go on her show and drop a turd hoe
Not only that, I'll flip the motherfucking bird hoe
Taker off her shoes, and show you how her hammer toes curve hoe
Blame it all on rap, y'all got y'all motherfucking nerve hoe
Metal music got folks, digging coffins out the earth hoe
Listen to this listen to that, it's all chatter hoe
It's all opinionated, so it don't matter hoe
Hip-hop failed, but it's rising back up the ladder hoe
And everything I say bout us, only making us matter hoe
Bottom line, we gon' do it like we been doing it
And we ain't gon' stop, mayn yeaah