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Artist: Chalie Boy
Album:  I'm Here
Song:   Entertainer
Typed by: Lil Hustle
[Chalie Boy]
True talk what you see, is more close to me
Mama always told me, be what you feel you suppose to be
But see this here's a game, I entertain for change and groceries
Gotta make you notice me, from T-E-X-A-S to overseas (whoa it's me)
Now strategic, a parapallegic could feel where I'm coming from
I'll reach out and touch ya, wipe your tears after the rain is done
Invite ya into my house, and help you out if all your veins is numb
Rest your bones calm your nerves, and patch up that leak that your brain has sprung
Pain as I become, more vivid and clear
The life that I lead, you live it by ear
You hear me when I talk, over all these diamonds and cars
But you feel me, when I talk over all these sirens and scars
Let's engage in war, but should I betray the good or the bad
Keep it real or jump Judy, speak of things I never had
And make myself believe I really do, (why why why)
If I believe it, you'll believe it too
Life of an entertainer
Just tell me, what you need me to do
Anything to entertain ya
So I can get the money, cash cars and the jewels
Life of an entertainer
No more normal life, paparazzi at your door
Life of an entertainer
What else would I have gotten into entertainment for
[Chalie Boy]
Head buster not regularly, unless you talking competitively
I'm raw with it if you get me agg'd, then hater smash repetitively
I mean repeatedly, not acting concedidly
But the rap game needed me, so I'm entertaining weekly
Naw that ain't cocky, it's confident to reach goals
I control mind body and soul, to focus on accomplishments
Not here for a stand off
Here to respectfully recieve the title, when the greatest decides to hand it off
See you can love me, or hate me
You can make all your attempts, to lift me higher or erase me
It doesn't matter, what the case be
Your feelings gon' multiply ten fold, by the next time you face me
Place me in number one, what song do I have to do
The game'll never be mastered, but I'll train just like a master to
Headed to the league, man it's not if I'm one of the last recruits
I love it when they play me like a lame, and then I flash the fools