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Artist: Celly Cel
Album:  Killa Kali
Song:   Round 2 (Intro)
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[Celly Cel]
Round mothafucking two
Celly Cel back in this mothafucka, fool
Dropping nothing but that bomb ass purple kush chronic
Making mothafuckers feel bionic
Gangsterism, playerism, is what I give 'em
You can playa-hate me but I'm living like it's Thanksgiving
Round mothafucking two
Celly Cel, Hillside, that's what we do
I got that heat for your ass
That make the niggaz wanna blast
I got that game for these hoes
To make them come up out them clothes
I'mma make the whole world feel this real ass Killa Kali ass bump
To make you niggaz wanna pump the trunk
And dump, on whoever, wherever, whenever you feel like it
You know what I'm saying nigga
Round mothafucking two
Celly Cel, Celly Cel
And I want y'all to bump this shit
I want y'all to bump this shit
I want y'all to bump this shit
Til the mothafucking wheels fall off, bitch
Uh huh, yeah, fool
Yeah, yeah, uh
What's going down, it's that infrared beam
Mad dog mean mothafucka down with the women team
What's up mack ass freaks, still doing this for my nigga Lil Whip
To my nigga Ned, Kaitlyn and my cousin Jamal
Stay strong players, them fools can't hold y'all, yeah
Cell Cel, round mothafucking two, nigga