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Artist: Young Cellski
Album:  Mr.Predictor
Song:   Brain Dead
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Verse 1:

I need to see the psych cuz a nigga goin' psycho
I tried commitin' suicide on my motorcycle
My mother keeps telling me a nigga needs to quit
She say its all an act but I'm really a lunatic
My bitch say its cuz a nigga smoke way too much weed
But when I'm high as fuck I gotta see a nigga bleed
My consience keeps tellin me to do some crazy shit
Walk up to a pack and shank the devils then I split
I think it's something goin wrong with my brain
I'm having split personalities like Razing Cane
The Taker, and Mr, Predictor side-by-side
So to send my love to Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
Theres somethin that make a nigga wanna keep on blastin'
Voices in my head keep tellin' me I'm Charles Manson
It feels like the demons have took over my soul
My body's hella warm but my face is hella cold
I'm stressin, I'm sweatin just like a fuckin hog
At the house with dank and candles starin at the walls
They closin in on a nigga as I keep on blinkin
A nigga's brain dead and my brain aint thinkin
Cuz I'm brain dead

Chrous x4: (unknown demon voice)

(My brain cells dead and all I think is death)
My brain was dead, from smokin so much fuckin true
(My brain cells dead and all I think is death)
My brain was dead, from smokin so much fuckin true

Verse 2:

Man, it's like a jungle sometimes that makes me wonder,
Why I'm on the turf everyday with a nine on the under
Or maybe its the dank thats got a nigga trippin loc
At night-time I dream about niggas gettin smoked
merciless thoughts in my head, already brain dead
so why should I give a fuck bout what the next nigga said
Cuz a nigga should already know
Livin up in that town of San Fran-psycho
Where niggas go on mission to kill,grab my steel then caps I peel
Niggas couldnt fuck wit Cell cuz a nigga just to real
Comin straight from the lunatic village creepin through the fog
with my mug on mean, sippin on some mad dog
Gone like a motherfucka, wit this 9 millimeter ready to start somethin
Havin '89 flash backs
when the bay was on heavily and a nigga did his first jack
5 years later the same old shit
been selling dope for years and still aint rich, nowww
What the fuck should a nigga do
just get my mail in the View and stay in the game and be true
because I'm in it to win it keep these gold thangs spinnin
on these marks, got a ruger pull the trigga that has no heart
and as I put that nine to a nigga head
as I BUCK BUCK that nigga is straight brain dead

(demon voice talking)

Verse 3:

Not givin a fuck about my life because I'm hellbound
Sick in this game from all the motherfuckin pain that I grew up around
the unpredictable the psychotic gangsta
quickest buck to bank y, out this game i'll take ya
with no remore because I got some type of showin pity
just call me that 1994 version of Frank Nitty
now did I do em? thats what I got these niggas wonderin
but unpredictable wont let em know just how I'm comin
so if you see me you best if you just break west
because this shredder out this tech is bout to blow a hole in ya vest
into your chest with explosion
straight gangsta notion gave me the go ahead
I smoked him and watched his blood soak into the concrete
as he screamed like a bitch begging me for mercy
but I'm not the one to punk the game, so I took aim
at his brain, and now hes brain dead mayne

(demon voice until the end)