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Artist: Cee Why f/ Jehst, Tommy Evans
Album:  The Boomcat Project
Song:   Water Torture
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[Tommy Evans]
Yo Boomcat Project, Cee Why, Jehst, Tommy Evans
Boomcat anthem waging war on the pretenders

[Verse 1: Tommy Evans]
I'll stop you in your tracks if you start with me
With raps so fat they clog your arteries
I'm so inventive with my artistry
I break ground like earthquakes and part the seas
Be a smart emcee, stop sparking trees
Smokers get blunted, ain't as sharp as T
I'm on point like laboured emcees can't cut it
I'll slice up your intestines, leave you gutted
Destroy the stress, you boys can't test
I'll rip out your windpipe, leave you short of breath
I walk with Jehst, we're Yorkshire's best
My flow's so hot that it will scorch your flesh
I burn emcees, give em the third degree
Send them to Accident & Emergency
They urgently need plastic surgery
Because he said this'll bleed internally
I watch as you fade into obscurity, nuff eternity reign for eternity
I purposely, run perfectly, am I the best? (No doubt)
It's a certainty!

[Verse 2: Jehst]
Yo I decapitate wack and fake rappers at a rapid rate
Either take cover, or run like the clappers mate
Because I'm done with the chatter, make it happen break
beats and batter tracks, chiefs I eradicate
I can see straight through their front like acetate
Heat up the beats so their weak flows evaporate
Burn the earth til' it reverts to its natural state
Battle great pretenders bend their twisted shit back to shape
Shape shifting man I'll make, plans to assassinate
Piss-take rappers hate the fact that I captivate
crowds, cos I'm holding it down like gaffa tape
Try and start shit and my sharp wit will lacerate
half-wits, my gamma ray targets you pop stars
I'll carpet bomb your boot camp, and bombard
troops tactical, run tracks like stock cars
Burn my name into your back with these hot bars

[Chorus: Jehst and Tommy Evans]
The battle ground stomper, nocturnal author
Kidnap rappers and carry out water torture
Drown a performer, brainstorm on A4
Verbal napalm, blazing the trail for
the battle ground stomper, nocturnal author
Kidnap rappers and carry out water torture
Drown a performer, brainstorm on A4
We wage war on you fake types

[Verse 3: Tommy Evans]
You heard the T ain't tight? Don't believe the hype
I'm louder than a bomb so I don't need a mic
I bring the noise faster than the speed of light
And shower clever rhymes, you don't see too bright
You can't read or write, I'm raps cleverest mind
My body of work is ahead of its time
You'll have to wait til' 2079
The cryptologist will crack every line

[Verse 4: Jehst]
I see you biters setting your watches seconds behind
to try and catch what I'm dropping when you're checking the rhyme
You're saying nothing, like a professional mime
While I'm spitting this liquid of the venemous kind
Read my lips, like an unsettling sign
Now I might flip any minute, leave you dead in your prime
Severing spines with heads, when the letters align
To spell 'Jehst!' I shine as I steadily climb
We can go toe-to-toe so don't be stepping on mine
You see me and T.E. stay deadly combined
We told you once already, now this is double jeapordy
Pre-school lyricists are having trouble getting me
I got a primitive remedy for that attitude
New jack rappers get battered til' they're black and blue
They made a track or two, but didn't have a clue
To me it doesn't matter who you are, I'll still flatten you
Steamroll through your whole crew, fuck your fashion shoot
You couldn't see me if you drank a tank of carrot juice
I get the jam jumping like kangaroos
He who dares - now there's a man who stands to lose
My style's shocking like a damaged fuse
I drop savage tunes, like arsenic in your Malibu


{Scratches by Cee Why on the decks}
"... war on the underworld"