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Artist: Cee-Lo f/ Pharrell
Album:  Cee-Lo Green is the Soul Machine
Song:   Let's Stay Together
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Verse 1:
I've have already seen my future
And it looks exactly like you
And being in love is sho nuff a battle
But I am determined to fight on through
Now some people might consider me a star or som'(something)
Shit, but they need to shine the light on you
If loving you is wrong
I'm sorry, but right won't do
I wanna live

Chorus (Pharrell):
Live Live Live, Live together
Baby we can make it, but first we have to chase
Live Live Live, Live forever
Baby you know we could live forever, yeah

Verse 2:
I know you see me over here in the darkness
Talk please, stop pretending that you heartless
Okay okay okay alright okay you win babe
Could you find a way to forgive me again babe?
Get on my knees right here on the dance floor for ya
I'll tap dance for tips at the front door for ya
All I'm tryin to say, is forward from this day
I wanna live

Repeat Chorus (1X)

You hear me woman?
What you don't think I'll make a fool out of myself in this club this
evening girl?
You gotta know (gotta know) you gotta know (gotta know)
That I love you baby

Repeat Chorus (1X)