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Artist: Cee-Lo Green f/ Goodie Mob
Album:  Cee-Lo & Greg Street presents Stray Bullets
Song:   Night Train
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[Cee-Lo Green]
Now that the lights are on, I guess that means it's over
and it's time to go
It's even easier to see how hot you are now
Though you had me at hello, whoa
Is it alright if I desire you?
You are definitely dressed to win
And I caught the eyes of a few others
but this is what my time is invested in, mm
Wish you could see my home, it's so exciting
You shouldn't be alone tonight
We've had so much fun, I don't know 'bout you
But I've talked up an appetite
I understand if you don't wanna make a scene
Just tell me where I'll meet you
..and I don't really want any food, it's late
so I guess I'll have to eat you, hmmmm...

Baby, the night train's leaving
Are you reaaaaady? (So read-yyyyyy)
Baby, the night train's leaving
Are you reaaaaady? (Yeaaaaaah, uh!)

On nights when the moon is full
I get to howlin, for you
And if you get too close to my body
Don't know what I, will do
I'm so cantankerous
Never been obedient, except when ya...
'Til we get down to the floor
No shirt, no skirt, just pump

[Big Gipp]
Say say Gipp love your theatrics
Are you a star, model or an actress?
...Kinda startle from your antics
Pardon me for not bein passive
...So sexual
Better yet, you're interlectual
Cool hush and gon' wit' Lo
The lights on, they ain't hit the do'
She can tell that the way I stare
Silhouette, no clothes, I don't care (I want you!)
She can tell that the way I stare
Footprints on my ceiling, err'where (I want you!)
She can tell that the way I stare
Wanna fuck her in the sky, juicebox in the air (You~!)
Dark night, bonin her, babe
Lips wet with Charnay and Chardonnay

[Chorus 2X]

[Khujo Goodie]
Girl, don't miss out on a good thang
Playin hard-to-get, you might miss this night train
Rick James baby, give her +pain+, give her +pleasure+
Evil Root, in my juice just for good measure
Oh snap~! What's that? A ring on my finger??
She don't give a fuck and I don't give a fuck either
Put a bug in her ear {*whispers*} Where you wanna go?
We can do the backseat or we can hit the mo'

{horn solo by Khujo}

[Cee-Lo Green]
Shawty, take advantage of me nooooooooow
C'mon! Ha-ha-ha chiiiild
Well c'mon! The train is leaving..

[Chorus 2X]