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Artist: Cee-Lo Green
Album:  Cee-Lo & Greg Street presents Stray Bullets
Song:   ChamPain
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Oooooooh-ooooooh-ahhhhh-ahhh (Bah-dah-ba-da-bah)
Oooooooh-ooooooh-ahhhhh-ahhh (Ba-ba-ba-BAAAAAAH, ba-bah-baaaaaah, Bah-dah-ba-da-bah) 
Oooooooh-ooooooh-ahhhhh-ahhh (Ba-ba-ba-BAAAAAAH, ba-bah-baaaaaah)

[1st Verse]
I see all the lonely people 
a-to my left and to my right
And we've all one common interest 
and that's to not, be alone tonight
For I could use your lovin', that is why I came
And an interest brings her over
But to, ensure she feels the same, order ChamPain

I'm gonna believe, everything, that you saaaaaaay
Turn me on, set me free, to run and plaaaaaay
But knowing you, everything, is okaaaaaaay
ChamPain, ChamPain, take me awaaaaaaaaaaaay

[2nd Verse]
Her beauty is bubblin over 
as we sit and socialize
And accidentally some gets on me
But there is no need, to apoligize
Oh darling, please behave yourself
or you will be the blame
And it's not complicated
It's rather easy to explain, order ChamPain


I said baby, baby -- Are you havin fun?
Ah darling, darling -- I think I found the one
Ooh-oh-oh-OH, baby, all I wanna do
mm, is celebrate this
Here's a toast to me and yooooooooooooooooou

Oh-ohhhhhhh, whooooooooa-ooooohhhOOOOOOOOOHHHHH
AHHH-yeaaaaaaaaaah, AHHHH-OHH
AHHH-yeaaaah, yeaaaaaah-aaaah
Ahhh-oh-he, alright
C'mon baby, ahhhh...
Let's get it poppin again, ooh-oh-oh-oh...
Ahhhh alright...