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Artist: Code Poets
Album:  Mark of the Beast
Song:   Watershed
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[Phase Fate]
This is some tragic shit
My baby's gone
And I don't know how I'm gon' feel 'bout it much longer
She's got so much to say
So much blame to place
I wish I was in outer space
But she's in my face
Pointin' her finger to my iris
I'd like to bite it sometimes
The fire is alive inside, this
Argument many times played out in my head
Honestly some days I'd rather be dead
With all of this he said she said
Your mom felt inspired to perspire her stench
And tell me that I'm the one to make amends
Fuck that
In my mind, I was being played for years
Whether you meant it or not, I still left in tears
When the smoke clears, I see our home for what it was
A man kept afloat by hope
And driven by love
This isn't too rough to be alone all the time
I got my sisters around
No bitch to hold me down
But I miss my boy and my girl
Someday they're gonna live in my world
'Til that point, I'm gonna build a nice nest
A place to sleep and invest my time best
No vest needed, the shots you take don't Phase Fate
The love-hate mourned
From too-little-too-late

[Off Topic]
Man, fuck all that
You've got you got your whole life in front of you
Stand up and be proud
Look what you've been through
You're always gonna be CB from my perspective
When I think about you cuz, I don't see those kids
And I won't rap about the babys' momma 'cause it's not my business
And I know E would grow up and kick my ass when he gets bigger
I respect that
It's not my demon to face
I just hope the both of you can get them out of that place
Before it's too late
I see the pain in your eyes
I know you're hurting inside
I know that every time you think about it part of you dies
And at the same time those same thoughts keep you alive
Until your tears dry
If it wasn't for you those kids never get born
If it wasn't for you she'd be drugged out and gone
If it wasn't for you I'd never finish a song
And as long as I'm alive you're gonna always have a home
So rise up
Nobody can touch your rap
I've seen you handle shit that would have straight up broke me in half
So fuck that pill-popping drag, fuck your pot-head dad
And fuck me 'cause I went nuts and broke up the band
You don't know the inspiration that you've been to me, man
And you'll never fall, as long as I've got strength in my hands
I leave nothing to chance
I got it under control
And I can only say that because I've been though it all
And if I haven't, then I know I got a friend I can call
And if it's all going wrong
And your weakness is strong
Then we'll go broke on bullets
Shooting one and all
Why not?
Get our chemicals altered and lifted
Adrenaline-filled 30cc syringes
Wanna keep living
And see to my business
Til reality catches up to all of my wishes
And my teardrop count equals that of my kisses