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Artist: Caz f/ Layzie Bone, Nessie, Gangster Riddler
Album:  Thundadome
Song:   Headknockas
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Ah, uh, ay check this out here
We got a lot of them bullshit ass cliques out there
Crews, lil' forces, Westside Connection, Wu Tang
You'll see whatever it may be nigga make your cheese
We got four of the hardest, cold-bangin' ass niggas
In this motherfucker!
Dawg, Headknocka Academy
All busters, bitches, and bastards stay to the left
All real-ass, rich, rollin niggas, come on in to the right baby
And knock to this
Uh, what, what, what

I keep it thuggin', I thought you niggas knew I'm thugged out
I told you bitches last time, y'all get drugged out
Man ??? what they yellin' when I'm dellin'
And all my niggas, yea, they straight ace felons
Now did it really, now did it really wanna do the crime
That's why when they hittin' the streets, I pack a big nine
I fuck with real niggas, kill niggas, a wild snicker
Eastsida, straight rider
And steady westside rollin' with my nigga Caz
And Layzie Bone, bitch ass nigga, boy you know it's on
Don't make me get my nigga, what the Gangster Riddler
I told you niggas, wanna fuck with straight killers

Hook: Nessie (Layzie Bone) 2x
See we headknockas, glock cockers
I fuck with real niggas, feel niggas
(Let the fire, fire)
(Ya gettin' burned, burned, burned)
See we headknockas, glock cockers
I fuck with real niggas, feel niggas
(Let's go pump the ride, the ride)
(Til it hurt, hurt, hurt)

[Gangster Riddler]
A solid scream through your mind keep hesitant y'all
Best to move swift, change your residence
Y'all president be dead when I'm takin' 'em
Y'all might fall to the grill shakin', when we breakin' 'em
Off somethin', start somethin', I move somethin'
Y'all motherfuckers wanna bring, what?
But y'all ain't bringin'
No y'all loose, legacy of Caz to continue
We worse than Keith Murray, huh, when we get in
You headknockas wait for nobody, sold as dead
Like Mel Gibson with a +Braveheart+ yellin' "Freedom!"
For my projects, I am the west
I'm from that crime with no quest
And the course end in Cleveland, SE

Hook 2x

[Layzie Bone]
I come from the land of the heartless, where you get taught quick
Talk shit nigga, you gettin' your wig cracked
On the streets where niggas get killed at
Nigga this the 99 and nigga we still rap
Ain't no love for these haters, Resurrection, Paper Paper
All up in the club flashin' these gators
Fuckin' wit nothin but the playas
Let the fire, fire, ya gettin' burned, burned, burned
Nigga let's go pump the ride, the ride, 'til it hurt, hurt, hurt
(Better feel this shit ass!)
And nigga wanna smash to get this scrilla
Ready to blast with the Riddlin' Red
You already know I pack my lead, remember what mama said
Don't be no fool baby
Headknockas them take they dues baby
And when you fuckin' with Layzie, we gone make the game pay
We could save we
Take this motherfuckin' game of a hostage
And lay this motherfuckin' whole shit down

Hook 2x

See I can get'cha now, or I can hit'cha later
Fuck later, I hate later
Nigga there's no time greater, now watch me
Pull up to this motherfucker thick, ain't no cop a fifth
So ain't no motherfuckin' tricks that roll with me
And let me see if you can hang
Well if gangsters make the world go 'round
Well nigga pound for pound, nigga we hold the ground
And we ain't puttin' it down, what's that sound?
Four headknockin' bangers on yo' ass
Cous' smash the gas, and show these niggas off the turf
You ain't puttin' at work
So tip-toe and pull up your skirt
I garuntee it hurts, Layzie, my Nessie, Gangster Ridd
Real life niggas doin' biz

Hook 3x

Hook 2x w/out Nessie