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Artist: Casual
Album:  A Low Down Dirty Shame (soundtrack)
Song:   Later On

I wake up in the morning feeling fine and refreshed
 take a look into the mirror to see who's rhymin' the best
 ah, there he is, lookin' right my way
 so I hookup with Jay, so I can start my day
 I hit up Ray and say What's the function?
 He say he got some hoes who want to take us to brunch and
 go kick it, cool
 I'm the man
 and plus when we chillin' I'ma have on a band and Tuscany
 spillin' hella game so this fella can bump
 plus I'm hungry as fuck
 so tell 'em it's on
 if I aint here hit me on my cellular phone
 but it don't take long them gone
 I dial up Op to see what he hollerin'
 he said Pallow and Glen both got 10
 and if you got 10
 and I got 10
 we ca all get together, spin 10 and win
 and take...straight to the dome
 talkin' bout that
 when I get home
 but right now, I got a thang to do
 later on I'ma hang wit you.

Later on, later on I'ma hang wit you. . .Lata On. . .[Repeat]

I stay at the bitches so no woman can play me
 like the nigga Tajai
 we had a hook up daily
 comeon baby
 I don't want no "maybe"
 we can, we can get down
 I be freakin' you down
 to the mornin'
 born in Oakland, California
 we don't be jokin' wit you bitches, I warn ya
 I'm all up on ya like I'm on the map
 when I'm out wit Snupe
 sideways in the lap
 and aint no pagin' ya back biiitch
 homie got a little scrap where we at, riiich
 cause they know I'm blowin' up like Chernobyl
 they call me on my mobile
 because I'm global
 and got bitches sayin'
 oh no, you didn't