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Artist: Castle
Album:  Gasface
Song:   Krillz
Typed by: @MelloMusicGroup

he scheming to stretch his money longer
thought back when television replaced his father
popeye taught 'em spinach will make 'em stronger
others niggas ballin', they go hard in the paint
and don't bother with stalling, they passin' the rock
and assistin' your daughters
his bird is squawking he should be hawking them job offers
he's blocking her out and lockin' that white broad in the coffer
life's in his hiney, man, we played hide-and-seek in the 90s
homie slate was clean and lookin' shiny, now presently grimy
rollin' and smokin' up, hide that I'm chokin' up
thinkin' 'bout the bullet I dodged society shot at both of us
how could we NOT chance the cuffs when poverty's provokin' us
fuck a diploma, bruh, we're just gonna die and return to dust
just being honest, I ain't got police purusing me
It's why I feel guilt that I dropped college and opportunity
true thugs are them folk that got diplomatic immunity
dollars be rulin', G. and be the source of their impunities

we hollow krills
she swallow pills
he follow, flea collar
three dollar bills

I caught a scene that derailed me
older head on the ave, the crack had reduced him to frailty
never spoke, but I heard his eyes tell me, "the system failed me
pitching dough to the banks, and then supply me, book me, jail me
the system can't prevail me."
listen to mornin' radio, creflo makin' a cameo
host ask if there's any hope. "yeah, but you gotta pay me though."
meanwhile, brothers are mean now, they tryin' to eat now
duckin' the pe-nile. holdin' that heat, making you lean now
high dose of that fructose making them folk obese now
Inflation increase now, them McDonald's burgers ain't cheap now
It's why that crack head is suckin' dick for that sedative
It's why my cousin's huggin' the block as if it's relative
auntie call 'im evil, he should be seekin' a reverend
but homie has a daughter the fact it's wrong is a irrelevant
I just hope he survives. pray that he'll make it out
shakin' the devils off, before they shake him out