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Artist: Castle
Album:  Gasface
Song:   Fool's Errand (The Quelle Chris Remixathon)
Typed by: @MelloMusicGroup
me and my soldiers trying to hit the beach like the 'battle of normandy'
and live like the superstars we figure we're born to be
reality's a klaxon I'm hearing it warning me
saying there's a big chance that misfortune will corner me
at that time you have to weigh the pros and the cons
survival determined by your fight-or-flight response
amazed how I manage to stay on my feet so long
'cause I'm obsessive compulsive when I'm evening odds
gotta get it. used to be frozen by the fear of failure
fam said to get on track, and don't let it derail ya
i could relapse, ski a slope of crushed pills
but fuck that. I'd rather be prolific like Mahalia
whoa, still around, bruh. still standing my ground
school of hard knocks alumni. check the cap and gown, bruh
down till the reaper toss me out like a bouncer
and if I never make it, fuck it, what am I around for?

not too many understand it
figure me a weirdo
respect I demanded
it fell on deaf ear though
flow that I commanded
put me nowhere near dough
feel a bit stranded
but fuck being scared, bro
we here though
we here though
we here though
we here though

i don't rap to be a part-time mall rat
or try to mine for the 'golden age' and all that
fact is I try to write shit to enthrall cats
and maybe with some luck I'll get misfortune to fall back
feel obligated to provide you with good rap
it's why I 'go off' like an aggressive hood rat
explains late nights, up with cigarettes and coffee
'cause fatigue wearing on me. tryin' to get it off me
still mind wandering to memory lane though
where good times roll and the roads are paved gold
ten year old self dreaming bigger than life is
showing raps to my mom, she's like, "son, did you write this?"
told him he would grow to become one of the greats
"just follow the straight and narrow where your destiny waits"
guess I'm rappin' for him, so I'm shooting for the stars
missed a few times, still tryin' to fix my aim, god