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Artist: Castle
Album:  Gasface
Song:   Cruising on Fumes
Typed by: @MelloMusicGroup

rockin' the same old 'lo sweater
fabric still reeks of weed smoke, bredda!
yo, how you cop loud without no chedda?
I'm sayin', mind your own binnis. you should know better
tank empty like a politician's soul
I've been running on fumes since a week ago
If homie got five on it he can go!
harsh, but courtesy don't pay for the petro
besides, ain't I smoke 'im out last week?
held the L longer than Max B's rap sheet
nah it's cool though. need to find some culo..
tighter than aretha franklin whippin' in a two-door
and it's hot as slavery? what up with the pool though?
let's hit up them apartments. invite every girl you know
man, we out of green? then wassup with the brew though?
but I ain't gettin' faded, I'm still tryin' to cruise, yo

old whip. new stereo
low chips. plenty dro
I'm good, folk
I'm good, folk
ridin' 'round broke
but I'm good, though
spot a chick. ride slow
spot a pig. I'm ghost
I'm good, folk
I'm good, folk
fuel running low, it's nothin'
where you wanna go?

In the whip baking. yellow light? race it
music through the phone, fuck a radio station
see a bunch of bunnies in the lane adjacent
all hot enough to cause dehydration
tell me why we cruising where you run into the bacon?
I don't fuck with no swine like a muslim
them suckers too liberal with the cuffin'
and book you like it's nuffin'
so fuck it, when you pull up on the next turn  take it
bust a U-y. roll another doobie
you know brovas high when they compare life to a movie
honestly and truly? it's really not that crazy though
eyes so low it's like an aspect ratio
cast call for a bad chick to make a cameo
acting like a good girl, performance uncanny, bro
hope she like weed, 'cause ain't tryin' to pay her dough
we break bread with none of these hoes