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Artist: Cassidy f/ Mashonda
Album:  Split Personality
Song:   Don't Get No Betta
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(Swizz Beatz)
Ladies and gentlemen!

How you doin' ma, this ya' song ma!
Yea c'mon ma, this ya' song ma!
We can get it on ma, this ya song ma!
This ya song ma, this ya song

(Verse 1)
How ya doin ma, yea come here, where you goin ma, what up
You in a rush? What's goin' on ma?
You can keep goin' ma but in this cold world
You gon' need a man this thorough to keep you warm ma
You and me? We can take this world by storm ma
So let me have ya math and then I'm gone ma
I'm havin' an afterparty later on ma
So you should cancel whatever you was doin' ma
We can get a 'telly and visit and get it on ma
You wid'it, I hit it 'til 6 in the morn' ma
You ain't hear the song ma? Yea I'm a don ma
So if you ridin' with a playa then c'mon ma

(Bridge - Cassidy & {Mashonda})
How you doin' ma  {Oh}
This ya' song ma  {Yea}
Yea c'mon ma  {Oh}
This ya' song ma  {Yea}
We can get it on ma  {Oh}
This ya song ma  {Yea}
This ya song ma  {Yea}
This ya song  {Yea}
Scream at 'em  {Yea}

(Chorus - Mashonda & {Cassidy})
Me and you  {It don't get no betta}
But we can do it all  {It don't get no betta}
Our love  {It don't get no betta}
Cause you remind me of the first time

(Verse 2)
You know what you remind me of?
The sun that shines above, I think I'm in love
Cause everytime I look in your eyes
They be dumb bright like the sunlight when I look in the sky
And you always look fly, you stay wit' the mean outfit
And got shoes they ain't even come out wit'
Always got ya nails done, always got ya self fixed
You're the type of chick I can see me goin out wit'
And I ain't knockin' ya hustle
But you should be somebody wifey, icey with a rock on your knuckle
And we'll look hot as a couple
Cause you shaped so beautifully and you almost cute as me

(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mm mm mm, wit' ya sexy self
Go to my hotel and undress yourself
And after we have sex, don't stress yourself
I'll still respect you, if you respect yourself
Girl, it's whatever, I get the chedda
When we get together, it don't get no betta
And you can see I'm donnin' cause my arm on chill
It look like I spilled freon on it
I made hella paper on the block
That's why I'm 'bout to put a 3-storee elevator in my yahct
They gon' keep hatin' it boo
But keep holdin' me down strong, this song's dedicated to you

(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)

(Mashonda & {Cassidy})
Baby I can't deny that I'm feeling you
The way that you look and the things you do
No it...{It don't get no betta}
No it...{It don't get no betta}
Baby it don't {Don't get no betta)
No oh, it don't get no betta

(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)

Oh oh oh, we got another one, Full Surface!
I go by the name Cassidy man, the Problem
You dealin' wit' the best, me and Mashonda
It don't get no better than this