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Artist: Cassidy f/ Drag-On, Maino, Styles P., Swizz Beatz, Talib Kweli
Album:  Stand Up 12"
Song:   Stand Up (Sean Bell Tribute)
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Grind House
Sean Bell, everybody
[Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
Get up, stand up, get up
Get up, stand up, get up
Get up, stand up, we gotta fight for our rights, huh
Get up, stand up, get up
Get up, stand up, get up
Get up, stand up, we gotta fight for our rights, huh
It's crazy, man it's crazy
Man it's crazy, man it's crazy
Get up, stand up, get up
Get up, stand up, get up
Get up man, we gotta stand fight for our rights, huh
The boy Sean in heaven cause he was born in hell
To feed his daughter, he hustled like I ain't gon fail
He was an electrician but wasn't doing well
I ain't gon say he sold drugs but kept going to jail
He wasn't doing right cause life wasn't going well
I'm gon tell a story, ghostwritten by Sean Bell
Detective suppose to protect us, but now dectective shoot us
They ruthless like Michael Oliver and Detective Cooper
Obama, when you get elected, please improve the law
Cause they ain't have to shoot 50 shots and a moving car
Them cops admit that they did it and still got acquitted
But if we fight our rights, one day we got to get it
Yeah, chea, uh, uh
Niggas in New York like on the cell
Turn to kid got shot named Sean Bell
Damn, another good soldier fell
If he would've did it, he would've got no bail
What's going on? I can't tell, cops getting away with that murder murder
50 shots right through the car, and they ain't even find out one burner
Cause all they wanna do is meet the quoter
Running up, killing niggas on the corner
Better watch out for they for they pop up on ya
Cause cops every block hot as a sauna
Another young black casualty
That's the government strategy
In the hood, they harassing me
What happened to Sean can happen to me
I feel for his moms (yeah), I feel for his pops (yeah)
When I heard that verdict, I peeled through the block
Feel his family pain, what a way to die
Just try to keep your sane, it's ok to cry
Listen, look, now I can't help but think what if that man was me
What if the rose was different, I was him and he was me
What if he had the chance to live out his wildest dreams
What if his 50 shots came directly after me?
What if my son was crying? Police, they keep on lying
What if my girl was live hurting? Al Sharpton says defying
This shit is crazy, they got our babies
Feels like the world is a prison, we in the case and
There ain't no hope for us, look at how they hurting us
Dirty cops and politicians, I don't have a soul to trust
Hope is not enough, we need to open up
We need to fight, we need to change, we need to do for us
[Styles P.]
People come to march, but I come to spark blue
Throw it in your head, they on kill us cause we dark
Now once the police, (what up), a black man is running for president
But still no justice, no peace
Just we in our own hell up in New York City
And I'm thinking what a pity, every man is Sean Bell
Is a black man a bullseye? Just a moving target to 'em
Let it go, reload, we that much of a problem to 'em?
Judge let the cop go, we that much of a problem to 'em?
How your honor ain't got no honor to 'em?
Peace to the family of Bells
I respect how you're strong, may your family be well
[Talib Kweli]
Yo, yeah, yeah, get up, stand up
Man, get up, stand up, yeah, no, no
No he didn't come to mourn, not another mother torn
Not another brother gone, something's wrong, the last thing we need is another song
Man, the proof of lack of leadership like a truth up in the media
My people in need of a solution, we need some civil disobedience
They stuck glued to they TV screen and they believe what's on they computer screen
The cops did they job and did it well, that's how the judge viewed the scene
Skip the jury of their peers
Now the Bell family's eyes is blurry with their tears, you feel the fury everywhere
Nothing left than assassintation, exaggeration of the facts
Fabrications is facinating, the beast is waiting to attack
Gotta face it, if you're black and you're young 
It's predetermine that you that you pack a gun, people shouting black to everyone