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Artist: Ca$his
Album:  The County Hound EP
Song:   That Nigga a Gangsta
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[Intro: Ca$his]
Shady Records own, bogus boy
Ca$his, it's Ca$his nigga, ah-ha ha
I'm here, right back on y'all, nigga
Blocc Boyz, what the bid'ness is, nigga
Seven-fo', let's go!

In this industry, a fifth of Hennessy
I'm tryna get with the bid'ness so where the bitches be
When I flick the Vogues, I'ma get the hoes
In a seven-fo' Lincoln black, two do's
Hope to strap shorty, take a ride with Ca$his
If a nigga look wrong you gon' let him have it
Say, what's your name? What kind of set you claim?
I'm seven-fo' now; tell me, do you bang?
We ain't ask about your mayne, cause he ain't here with us
And we both know that we about to fuck
You see my limo tint, but they can't see you bitch
Go and pull out my dick, and put your mouth on it
If you don't do it now, you'll never get the chance
If you ain't puttin out bitch, make other plans
I still keep my money in a rubber band
with the pitchfork sealed up, on the other hand

[Chorus 2X: Ca$his]
You see them niggaz runnin, you see my spinnin drum and
You lookin at my face sayin that nigga a gangsta
Always gettin blunted, and holdin stacks of hundreds
And e'ry rider here know that nigga a gangsta

Seen switchin lanes, off of sniffin 'caine
And a sip of purp', I'm hurtin on my drank
I've been doin work, you know about my gang
You want me you can find me wherever that you hang
I got a bigger dick, plus I'm fly as shit
You've seen me with your bitch, cause I got benefits
I'm a militant, AWOL lyricist
Your face menstruates when I clap-clap, period
I snatch cakes off the, back of you wack nigga
Shady Records in your mouth, take that nigga
Em I never leave, forever got your back
And e'ry soldier in my squad feel like that
Gangsta disciple, you motherfuckers know
You should've killed me, a long time ago
I'm a regular ev-ery day psycho
Hat to the right on sight wherever I go


I've been provin this, for a long time
And e'ry line that I write, is all mine
See me walkin a straight line in daytime
But I spray nines right in front, of the one-times
Livin life, in the California sunshine
But I'm the only star out, in the nighttime
Flagged up, knowin suckers ain't gon' like - I'm
makin them turn they head straight boy just like mine
Took the West over, I'm the real king
You don't believe me, fuck you, kill me
I don't fear none of y'all, meet a real G
Come against me, pussy nigga you will see
When you awake, and you still sleep
You dead you lil' pussy boy, feel me
You said you was gon' muh'fuckin kill me?
But you bled, guess you ain't that real, G


[Outro: Ca$his]
That nigga a gangsta nigga
You stupid ass niggaz don't know what a spinnin drum is?
That's a 100-round shot clip, comin straight at you
Your face, your back, your chest
It don't matter to me nigga, and that's real
I got guns nigga, I got money nigga
I got riders, what the fuck you gon' do to me?
I got guns nigga, I got money nigga
I got riders, what the fuck you gon' do to me?
Nuttin, Shady Records own, bogus boy
Ca$his, King Mathers!
It's brought to you, by the great King Mathers
I'm out, let's go! {*echoes*}