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Artist: Ca$his
Album:  The County Hound EP
Song:   Ms. Jenkins
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[Chorus: sample of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen]
Momma, just killed a man
Put a gun against his head
Pulled my trigger, now he's dead
Momma, life had just begun
But now I've gone and thrown it all away
Geah, it's Ca$his, Shady Records
Real music, not fool music
There was just - a lot tears shed over what you been through
A mother's pain pays, for what her kid do
As Brian light fades, in the rearview
You enslaved to her, but gotta skid through
We was both bangin, Brian and I
Different neighborhoods so we chose different sides
Confrontaton in the street, so we had to ride
I won the fight, his pride felt I had to die
He screamed 1-8-7; I say, "I never hide"
You know where I'm at boy, I ain't hard to find
A couple weeks went by, we passin time
He seen me in the alley with his niggaz, I
was just dealin off Cavi then I seen the .9
Then I, heard a shot, he just kept firin
I started runnin, duckin, now I'm hidin
The whole time conscious of my own homicide and
I got away, click-click in the nick of time
His clip dropped down, he start signifyin
"You a bitch Ca$h, run with your bitch ass"
Heard sirens, then I heard him hit the gas
Right then, I knew your son wouldn't last
I said to myself, "Folk, I gotta kill his ass"
Roll through my apartment, hit the buildin fast
Gun out of my closet, hit the stick and dash
Put the, strap in my pocket, on my mission I saw him
Down the block sittin back, sippin 'gnac
I walked up like, "What's the business fam?"
He stared death in the eyes, then he shook his head
The broad he was with, shook as fuck
Put the barrel to his head, buck buck buck!
He fell to the ground, grass covered with blood
I probably go to hell for what I did to your son
I walked off slowly bugged, I ain't run
It's been five years, and no it's never over
He left me no choice, I offer you closure...
He left me no choice, I offer you closure
[Hook 2X: Ca$his  overlapping Chorus]
Dear Ms. Jenkins, I send you my love
Hi, I'm Ca$his, I murdered your son
I'm closin the chapter, on what has begun
Dear Ms. Jenkins, I murdered your son
Dear momma, if you gettin this letter
I'm dead, I'm sorry if you gettin this letter
Wait - I'm sorry I ain't live a lil' better
My own selfish will wouldn't send you this letter
See  I had my hat cocked on the wrong spot
I threw the right sign up, on the wrong block
Blaow, blaow, bloaw! Ramone shot
Fuck a Ca$his momma! Ramone shot
It started as a fight, on a distant night
But far off the homicide, pistols tight
We still... grieve over your brother
Now you, grieve over your son  what the fuck?
He squabbed me up, this my hood
Some nigga named Ca$his from Chris' hood
He supposed to come back with iron, I ain't scared
Yes I am momma, I don't wanna be dead
But I can't run; too late, to try and change it
Born as your son but dyin as a banger
When my name gets discussed for entertainment
Never share this letter with a stranger
Please, please
[Chorus] + [Hook]
Dear Brian, it's Ca$his, I can't sleep
I had to bang you, before you bang me
Just like I blame you, you could blame me
We both gave up our lives for banging (yeah)
We didn't know each other but we share the same hate
Your death is my life, so we share the same fate
This ain't what bangin was for, killin for nothin
Your death gave karma for the death of my woman (Monique!)
I'm tryin to make amends cause within I'm croak
But outside I'm hard, my friends don't know
I'm sorry that I killed you, I know it don't mean shit
We both could've stopped it, if we only seen shit
Happens for a reason we don't even know it
When you leave here, do you know where you goin?
I'm sendin my apologies through a song
Maybe we can reconcile when I'm gone
[Chorus] + [Hook]