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Artist: Ca$h Out f/ Rocko
Album:  Who Gives a Phuck (S)
Song:   Who Gives a Phuck
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{Ooh, Ca$h Out!}

[Intro: Ca$h Out]
Ha, yeah
I put the shit in ya face, man
Who gives a phuck? (In ya FACE, nigga!)
Hehe, who gives a phuck? (I don't)
{Knucklehead on the beat}
F'real.. (F'real, f'real)

[Chorus: Ca$h Out]
They see me shinin, who gives a phuck? 
I take all you niggaz bitches, who gives a phuck? 
I take all you niggaz riches, who gives a phuck? 
Put you all in them ditches, who gives a phuck? 

Hah! In the booth, I put my britches up 
Walk up in the club, give me all your bitches, bruh 
Walk up in yo' spot, give me all your riches, bruh
Cause you dropped off in this game without permission, bruh
HAAAAH~! Never take a stand
Better take the time, do it for my mans
Got a master plan, I ain't puttin you niggaz on shit
But I WILL call my niggaz, put 'em on licks
Yea, we greedy nigga (We greedy! We hungry!)
We still give back to the needy, nigga (Who need it?! Who need it?!)
Outline ya body, no graffiti, nigga (No graffiti! No no!)
Dez, where the gas at? I need it, nigga
We chiefin, nigga (Need it nigga! Let's GO!)
HA~! Stiff-arm a bitch like I just signed for the Chiefs (Bitch, get off my dick!)
And fin-nin-na put that pussy talk deceased (Stop talkin, nigga!)
Money and my gun is really my beliefs (It's all I believe in, yeah!)
Get the bricks, sit on the muh'fucker and turn up the fee (Turn up the fee!)
Who gives a phuck?


And yea, we balliiiiiiiin (We ballin, nigga!)
And guess, who's calliiiiiiiin (Guess who's callin, nigga! HAHAH!)
Yo' bitch, she wanna fuck (She wanna fuck, up, here!)
and really I don't give a phuck

It's me, the Don, Rocko..
Fuck you mean? You ain't seen me cause I ain't beam
Nowhere with no cream, that ain't my type of scene
While they see me somewhere obscene (Booty club)
Makin a scene (Turn up! Turn up!)
I throw dat money, make it rain (raaaain!)
Then pick it up, with no shame
(Fuck you mean, mayne?)
Ain't no pride, was no hustler 
(Hustler, hustler) Nigga, you gon', die and gon' be a busta
(Busta, busta) Hope it ain't your main squeeze, cause we fucked her
(She fucked up!) Why you hearted-up with her, I hear you love her
Ay, wake up be like, "Fuck that shit", do shit for the fuck of it
I don't give no fuck, I'm up like fuck, get dat cash, go fuck dat up
I run dat A, I run wit Bs' (Bzzzzzzz!) that stick on steez
Roll it dat rolly pole, (Whew~!) Dat bitch on gleam

[Chorus + Interlude]