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Artist: Ca$h Out f/ Rich Homie Quan
Album:  Born For This (S)
Song:   Born For This
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: Rich Homie Quan]
I just parked a Porsche don't know what I might do in the morning
My phone ring so much it's on silent I'm not ignoring you
Ain't ask nobody for shit but I feel like I was just born for this
Had a hundred thousand on my arm for this
Solitaries on my charmlet
I feel like I was born for this hey
I feel like I was born for this hey yeah
I feel like I was born for this
Ca$h Out with me we cash out on everything we want cause we are so born for this

[Verse 1: Rich Homie Quan]
Born for the Iife I live
Thank God for the commas I'm getting
Nigga everybody getting these M's
Born for the life I live
Every nigga with me getting little money everybody tryna get M's
Duffle bag on me Louie V made this you know don't even know what I spent
Ca$h Out with me whole lotta money he ain't even muhfucking change
Muhfucking old school car that I got you don't know what I cost it's clean
Gun I got got a beam on it
Rich Homie I'm King Kobe
Hoe want to suck my dick I told that bitch swallow this semen
Better respect my kids before they grow up and mistreat you
Tight jeans on girl you my belt so you that I need you
Hold me up I like that cat bald like an eagle
Call if you need me cause I


[Verse 2: Ca$h Out]
Thought about dropping a duece but you know I took out me a 7th
Always preaching to the streets so you know that I feel like a reverend
My potna asked me for a 7th you know that I gave him a 10
He asked me for the BMW you know that I gave him the Benz
Vacuum seal a hundred up for the rainy days
Get on my knees Lord can you take this pain away
I can't even count the money up I made today
Since I ran them bands up these niggas changing face
I got that paper work
I count that paper first
I heard you niggas be snitching
I seen your paperwork
You know my paper dirty
Get in the kitchen I was born for this
40 thousand for the charm for this
Swear to God I was born for this


[Outro: Rich Homie Quan]
Ca$h Out
Let's Go
Carter X