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Artist: Carmen Sandiego
Album:  Sandiego
Song:   Ball With Me
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oooh, oh, aayyy yyeee oohh
(Carmen Sandiego)
I was chillin in the club it was ladies night
saw you wit ya homies you was looking tight
so I walked over wanna know ya 
cause I saw ya hopping out the Range Rover
but dont ya worry I am not bopping
cause my Benz outside is drop topping
so wassup wit you and the things we do
ball 'til we fall boo

(Chorus: repeat 2X)
A future shot caller want you ball wit me
shopping sprees, spending g's want you ball wit me
I'm overseas smoking trees want you ball wit me
a thirty-karat pinky ring want you ball wit me

(Carmen Sandiego)
Walking through the mall put your eyes on me
say I'm fitting to what you want ya bride to be
as loud as me smiling and profililing
a yellow bone just bling, bling blinding
I know ya boys be hating me 
cause they once a point a time tryed to get wit me
but they cant do what we do
drop top, sip syrup, and ball too

(Chorus: repeat 2X)
(Carmen Sandiego)
Marieon is the label that keeps me paid
in H-town aint no plexing we just ball and parlay
I'm straight sipping, diamonds glisten
no player hating, paper chasing on a misson
so if you down to clown with me
I'm balling in you're city spending plenty of cheese
Sandiego coming through show me what ya do
can you drop it like its hot when I call you?


(talking over chorus)
yea I'm talking bout(??)
that Segrum Parish Mall?, that Beverly Hills One
Galeria in H-town, Venis Mall in Atlanta
sporting Versace, I'm hitting the gucci store
just to buy a pair of panties
I'm talking bout going to Luey Vertain shop
just to buy some Luggage to go outta town
shit I can fly you a mink but can you buy me
a Cardier wrist watch, can you pay my bills
like Destiny Child say?I'm talking bout my car note
baby I drive a Big Body 600 so I hope you can
hang with this, I aint tryna(?)ya know I'm saying
or say aint nobody good enough
but I can do all this stuff for myself
so if you can do this for me then I'ma holla at ya
on the 33rd of Nevery haha haha

(chorus 'til end)