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Artist: Cardi B f/ Haitian V
Album:  Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 (Mixtape)
Song:   Trick Skit
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Haitian V]
Wha- come one man!

[Cardi B]
Yo, what is your problem? Why you knocking on the door like that?
You know my uncle on the run. You - I thought you was the police

[Haitian V]
Cardi, why you keep me waiting like that all the time?
The garbage man - they - they asked me if I live here, I say no
Why you leave me outside like that?

You see that's why I told you I'm only available before 8PM
Before the stores closing. When you gonna take me shopping again?
Like I keep wearing the same outfit over and over again
Look at my nails, look at my toes like

You need your nails done, I give you the money
You want your toes done, I give you the money
You want your hair - I go to Malaysia to get it for you
No problem. The diamonds in your fingers
You don't know who help me get that
Leonardo DiCaprio from Blood Diamond help me to get that for you
They tell Beyonce and Kim Kardashian - they say listen
it's only one and it has to go to Haitian for him to give it to his girlfriend

[Cardi B]
Nobody tell you to do all that
You coulda - you coulda went to Foredom
You coulda went to Foredom and get a goddamn ring

[Haitian V]
Let's stop this - this garbage foolishness. Okay baby?

[Cardi B]
What I told you about calling me baby?
Like don't call me baby
I don't like when you call me baby
like you just make us look crazy in public
like stop calling me that. Stop calling me that

[Haitian V]

[Cardi B]
Don't call me baby

[Haitian V]
Cardi, why you talking about I can't call you baby
 What I'm supposed to call you? Homie

[Cardi B]

[Haitian V]
Nigga? I don't know what I'm supposed to call you -

[Cardi B]
I'm a fucking punch him. This is why I need another one

[Haitian V]
Baby, what you grumbling to yourself like that?
I buy you I pay the rent. I pay your cell phone, not even my cell phone

[Cardi B]
Alright, alright!

[Haitian V]
I treat you good, I buy you eh stuff

[Cardi B]
Oh my God!

[Haitian V]
And then you treat me like garbage baby

[Cardi B]
I already told you already, because you's a you's a