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Artist: Captain Save Em f/ Ant Banks
Album:  My Cape is in the Cleaners
Song:   Out to Get More
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[Chorus 2x]
I got bitches and hoes, Money and clothes
I had it before, But I'm out to get more

[Ant Banks]
I came through the door

[Captain Save Em]
Somebody Said that before

[Ant Banks]
I never let no hoes magnetize me no more
But they sweatin me and tellin me and beggin me to fuck

[Captain Save Em]
Ha, Ha, Yeah right nigga

[Ant Banks]
Kev, They can't get enough
Of that big badass always diggin down tight wit the whole nine
Nigga, That's why you can best bet I keep a bad bitch wit me at all times
See, We old school, We done already been there nigga done that
Hooked up wit the captain so we can find out where some hoes at

[Captain Save Em]
Well, I've been gone for a while wit my folks forty fonzarelli
Everybody talkin bout you been eatin good out on tour cause you got a big-ass belly
It's goin down tonight, Even celly cel could see
I hooked up wit weeples ant banks, And he's the one that hooked up the beat
I'm tryin to get you in the mood and set the sex off
I'll be just as good as tiger woods puttin each hole wit the lights off
Say it isn't so, It's ya cousin captain save a ho
I've had thousands before, But now I'm out to get mo, ho

Chorus 2x

[Captain Save Em]
I'm known all around the world as ya ghetto hero
Been savin hoes from the yay to chicago
To all you player haters, Come out and play
I'm fresh out the cleaners wit my versace cape
Made more investments than versace, Louis and burke, And even guess
I'm that chocolate brother wit the c tattoed on my chest
They say that game is to be sold and not told
Made a call to my nigga bad azz, Got a loan, And now it's on

[Ant Banks]
I roll a s-500 plushed-out chrome 20's on it straight laced
A presidential on a nigga wrist wit the parvayed out face
Hoes always keepin up cause I'm always spendin g's
But fo-figure niggaz can't though, Cause they cash flow is on freeze
So tell me who got the skrilla? Who got the cash? Who got the hoes?

[Captain Save Em]
Nigga, We do

[Ant Banks]
You know
And tell me who got the skrilla? Who got the cash? Who got the hoes?

[Captain Save Em]
Nigga if we don't, I'll save you

Chorus 2x

Repeat chorus till fade