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Artist: Capital-X
Album:  305375 (Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1
Song:   Stop Snitchin
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I'm rattling cages of, murder cases
I'm, blowing up stages from, state to state
The, truths contagious I'm, seeing changes
Man fuck being famous, I'm a load up and AIM this
I'll make it painless, without the stainless
A crime so heinous, they'll kill me intravenous
Anyone can blame us, even for payments
I wanna over-throw this system that enslaves us
They murder shameless, just like gangsters
Just cause he said she said they hang us
A total stranger, points his finger
Now you stuck on the row, and your life is in danger
Filled with anger, that's grown with age
Raised in a cage, on numbered days
Mind in haze, you realize you been played
Man in Texas executions are a fucking plague

Stop Snitching, my fingers itching
I'm loading ammunition, like a kid on a mission
Stop snitching, baring false witness
I'm ready to still, anyone acts suspicious
Stop snitching, keep ya distance
Don't never forget, that this here's a business
Stop snitching, I'm taking position
I'm locked and loaded, and I'm stalking politicians

[Verse 2]
I don't promote violence, I ain't saying get violent
But these snitches need to practice their right to remain silent
The prosecution's smiling, man I can sense they malice
Which keeps the scales of justice completely off balance
Austin to Dallas Harris County be the foulest
Where they'll leave every Black and Latina mama childless
I rock tired-less with a nickel plated wireless
Attack the system like a mutha fucking virus
Setting fire to these liars like a hit man for hire
Leave them expired just like Method Man on The Wire
Times are dire when the state needs to conspire
Building capital cases based on testimony of a liar
This is why they set off bombs on the road side
This is why they'll send us bombs strapped to their own child
This is why you should watch what comes out of you mouth
This is how you can wind up on Texas Death House