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Artist: Capital-X
Album:  305375 (Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1
Song:   Revolutionary
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[Intro Capital-X Talking]
If you don't stand with me, you stand against me
See I place the blame for all our social ills that have caused
discomfort and unhappiness
Squarely on the shoulders of those that are responsible: the people
that are in control.
I say It's time for a people's revolution, led by the politically conscious...

I'm tired of the hypocrisy and the mockery of justice
Tired of seeing our children, carried off in prison buses
I'm tired of the brutality and all the corruption
They arrest us nothing, I'm ready to do something
The prison industry, and the corporate hustle
Need to be dismantled as we continue to struggle
Open up your eyes, stop living in a bubble
The country you'd die for, is real quick to fuck you
I reach out to touch you, with revolutionary sounds
When I die I'll leave more than sad songs, and a hump in the ground
I want to leave a world liberated, free from oppression
Free from repression, wars and racism
I'll put a bullet in ya brain, if it'll make a difference
In dismantling colonialists and imperialism
I wanna see every politician, rotting in prison
That's not a mission statement, that's my fucking mission

[Chorus] [Call and response]
Say I Am...I Am,   A Revolutionary...A Revolutionary
I Am...I Am,   A Revolutionary...A Revolutionary
Say I Am...I Am,   A Revolutionary...A Revolutionary
I Am...I Am,   A Revolutionary...A Revolutionary

[Verse 2]
The government has us, working to death, or dieing in cages
Fuck the American dream, no one sees wealth earning wages
Fuck Kennedy's speech trying to make us all complacent
We went from chattel slavery, to economical enslavement
They take our rights to bare arms, leaving us all hopeless
Cause unarmed people are slaves, at any given moment
Our system is broken, I speak for the unspoken
For every grieving mother, and death penalty opponent
It's genocide and slaughter, of our sons and daughters
Guns are in order, guerrilla's without borders
I'm old school, so fuck a new world order
What I spit will bless your kids just like holy water
I stand against our oppressors, with a mic and a shank
Cause I'd rather die free, than have a dime in the bank
Fuck a Benz fuck a Bentley fuck an MTV crib
I'm tired of living, how they tell me to live


[Verse 3]
They send hundreds to their death, with enemy appointed attorney's
Guilty or innocent, they show you no mercy
It's constitutional, if you're convicted by jury
You think it's justice, till your first born's on the gurney
Thousands executed, and they'll be thousands more
Those being executed, Brown or poor
I'm declaring war, on the fascist bastards
It's prisoner against guard, like it was slave against master
Being captured, is not an option
Political imprisonment, I won't be silenced
I'm a product of my environment, so I'll go out violent
Sparking up prison riots from Corrocan to Elmira
For the juvenile lifers, born to be lifeless
Tell me how much more can one be Christ like
The lethal injection, modern day crucifixion
What I spit will have them seeking a murder conviction