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Artist: Capital-X
Album:  305375 (Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1
Song:   Resistance
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Fuck the system, I'm down for resistance
Fuck talking revolution yo, handle ya business
I'm, armed with the truth, and I'm, taking position
High powered ammunition, I'm even hittin innocent victims
Cause cops is murdering now, just for suspicion
21 shots, 29 more to scare off witnesses
Bitches grab ya crucifixes, I'm spittin Holy Scriptures
Slittin my wrists wit scissors, and painting  bloody pictures
Coming from the trenches, straight from the front lines
Where streets is booby trapped, with trip wires and land mines
Percentage rates is high, for your ass to serve time
Man I'll go out like a trooper, before I go down for the third time
Who blasts nines? I'm building up a regiment
Fuck being legitimate, and mutha fuck a president
I'm spittin pestilence, every word is relevant
Standing here defiant, till I go out just like Malcolm did

If they ain't out to murder us, dogg they're out to lock us down
Don't care where ya from, Big city, small town
They'll put you underground, in an early grave
Or ship that ass up state, bound in chains like a slave
If they ain't out to murder us, they're out to lock us down
Don't care where ya from, Big city,  small town
They'll lock you in a cage, for your whole fucking existence
I'm slippin the clips in, this here's resistance

I stand for the condemned, those who struggles see no end
For the less fortunate, who see death as an option
For the forgotten, locked in solitary confinement
For those struggling, in hostile environments
Raised up in tenements, that be looking more like prisons
Racial division, is clear and in my vision
But they got ya'll dumbed up, with your eyes glued to your televisions
This world we live in, is cold and unforgiving
Then we wonder why our children, be attacking they own school buildings
Multiple killings, just means profits in millions
This whole Judicial system, milks tax payers for billions
Even false convictions, fattens up their pensions
Man it's the politicians that deserve lethal ejections
I pray God takes His vengeance, or I'll just take mines
Create rhymes that rape minds, to take up and bare 9's
An make front page headlines, just like mutha fucken hate crimes


I'm tired it's evident, from two decades of decadence
Lack of dead presidents, and a decent place of residence
I tried to stay legitimate, tired of imprisonment
But I'm an ex-convict, and you'll know the statistics
Lets kick the logistics, you know the percentages
One in every four, are serving mandatory sentences
Pact up prisons means higher profit percentages
Man they don't give a fuck, they'll even lock down their own relatives
What Rockefeller did, is still affecting us
No one is protecting us, so I'm seeking an exodus
Effected by their prejudice, born a criminal
Wanted dead or alive since I was cut from the umbilical
It's all political, just look at the evidence
Revolution is our hope, sorry not no Black President
They're trying to keep us ignorant, trying to keep us silent
I speak truth, but they say that I'm promoting violence