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Artist: Capital-X
Album:  305375 (Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1
Song:   Redemption
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Talking: Redemption, to extricate, to be released from debt, to make
good. Redemption. Redemption. Redemption. Fuck you Schwarzenegger
punk mutha fucka. Redemption

I've waited decades for my turn, now without concern
I'm a spit this fire, sit back and watch the world burn
Man this is for every cop, that's ever called me a spic
As I was pistol whipped, and beat with night sticks
And this is for every public pretender, that conned me into taking a deal
Made me think I was hitting the streets, but wound up behind bricks and steel
And this is for every judge, that sent me up state
Where I grew bitter and cold, filled with anger and hate
Man I've been misunderstood, from the second I came out the pussy
No I ain't no killa, but don't fucken push me
I've been plotting this, since my days in solitary confinement
Where I prayed to God, to show me the light through the darkness
Well to your dismay, my prayers have been answered
And since that day, my words have been spreading like cancer
No you can't stop it, cause truth always prevails
Man every letter of this verse, is like a bomb being mailed
To everyone that's wrote me off, and said I was worthless
A born loser, that served no purpose
And to every C.O. that told me to lift up my nut-sack
Spread open my ass-crack, and said I'd be back
Man fuck that, I'm over turning every sentence
Coming with a vengeance, and claiming my redemption

[Talking, Redemption 4x's]

Man I was born guilty, in the eyes of my oppressors
Kept under surveillance, and under constant pressure
Man they've been feeding me lies, ever since I was an adolescent
Well now watch me flip the script and teach these fucks a lesson
Sure I've lied to survive, but I've never lied to myself
I know I'm going to heaven, cause I already been through hell
Lock down in a cell, a corporate slave
But now I'm rising, like Christ from the grave
And I ain't talking on some Bad Boy shit, or Roca-Fella
I'm talking Filiberto Rios, and Nelson Mandela
Malcolm-X, Karl Marx and Medgar Evers
I'm wielding my machete, till the dragons 7 heads are severed
I ain't just talking about, we need a change,
Man I'm breaking the shackles, handcuffs and chains
They tried to break me, but they just made me stronger
They thought they silenced me, but they couldn't have been wronger
I'm bringing the noise like Public Enemy, speaking the truth like Technique
Seeking vengeance for my people like an Arawak Chief
Talk is cheap, so I'm backing my words with action
Draw first blood, and we'll see what happens
Don't forget the golden rule, what goes around comes around
And keep in mind, that you can't keep a real nigga down

[Talking, Redemption 4x's]

Like Q-Unique, vengeance will be mine
That's why I be coming at ya's like the judge, just gave me an asshole
full of time
I got homicide on my mind, revenge pumping through my veins
For every inmate locked in the hole, literally going insane
Man I feel their pains, tears falling like acid rain
I know most of ya'll don't give a fuck, except for capital gain
So I spit with a ferociousness, that will rattle your brains
Make you see today’s prisoners, are just like yesterdays slaves
Captured enchained, locked in a cage
Forced to work like third world children, that are under age
Housed in conditions, the ASPCA would find inhumane
surrounded by TB, HIV and AIDS
365 days, could turn into a death sentence
But they keep on warehousing, inmates by the millions
I served13 years, and it made me worse not better
Cause their plan from day one, was to make me a repeat offender
But like Filiberto Ríos, I refused to surrender
Man they ain't never seen me, as anything more than a commodity
But now they're looking at me, like I'm their worst fuckin enemy
Armed with verses of truth, that reek of revolution
I got these fucks trying to raise, Willie Lynch from the grave
To try to regain control, of this runaway slave

[Talking, Redemption 8x's]