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Artist: Capital-X
Album:  305375 (Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1
Song:   Prison of the Mind
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My brains been cuffed up and shackled, locked up in chains
Like a terrorist suspect at Guantanamo bay
Stuck in a house of pain, where living conditions are inhumane
The kind of place that drives the toughest mutha fuckas insane
They say no pain no gain, man I'm tired of playing games
I got this razor in my hand, ready to cut my veins
Let me explain, it's like I'm submerged and drownin
And I can spit this verse with no beat, the way my head is pounding
I'm completely surrounded, and there's no escaping
Locked in solitary confinement, administrative segregation
There's no cures or medications, no smiling or grinning
Even Satan fears this hellish, place that I live in
Serving a life sentence, with no chance for parole
No time off for good behavior, like Antonio Negron
I can't hear you when you talk, so you better fuckin shout
I'm trapped behind these bars I've written, and see no way out

Locked in a prison of the mind, this is where I'm living
Cruel and unusual punishment, it's so unforgiving
With no evidence or witnesses, I've been convicted
Removed from existence, now I'm just a statistic
In a prison of the mind, this is where I'm living
Where all hope is lost, even if you're a Christian
Out of sight out of mind, no phone calls or visits
My only escape, is this rhyme and the rhythm

[Verse 2]
Yea I feel trapped like the Africa's, after the Philly Massacre
Held captive, I want to up rise like Attica
I call for revolution, but I'm only heard by actors
That own the art of war, but have never read a chapter
Dying slowly in solitary, like George L. Jackson
Contemplating action, revenge against his assassins
Time keeps passing by, and I keep asking-why?
I was born to live and die, trapped on the inside
No concrete or steel, but these bars are fucking real
It's like a fucking public defender, copped me a raw deal
Life with no parole, buried alive in a hole
Feel like Christ climbing Skull Hill, baring the cross
No one cares if your lost, it's injustice for all
Only escapes like Snake, climbing over the wall
Fuck it if I fall, I'm tired of doing the time
In solitary confinement within my own fucking mind