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Artist: Capital-X f/ Akir
Album:  305375 (Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1
Song:   Life
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[Chorus 2x's]
I'm serving life in this game now, there's no turning back
I feel like, Luis Felipe trapped in Super Max
I'm serving life in this game now, without parole
Got nothing to lose like I'm stranded on death row

Yo, judges be handing out sentences, like we're all degenerates
It's life with no parole whether your, guilty or innocent
I'm locked in segregation, 7 days a week
Trapped behind these bars I speak, just like a murdering thief
Charged with, murdering mics, and killing MCs
Indicted on multiple felonies, stuck in the beast
They got me shackled and handcuffed, with no pending release
As words I speak, touch more kids than a Catholic Priest
And knock niggas off they feet, just like a Southpaw beat
360 degrees, I'm whole and complete
I'll snatch ya breath like a banga, stuck in your oblique
I stand alone, but mutha fuckas better come deep
Cause I don't sleep, I stay preparing for the fucking revolt
At all costs, I'm taken hostages fuck peace talks
Iím locked down in New York, with its blood stained sidewalks
Where innocent victims die, from excessive force

[Chorus 2x's]

Yea I feel like, King Blood, trapped up in the beast
With so much time ahead of me, can't even dream of the streets
I'm catching flash backs of this kid I seen hang dead from a sheet
As I sharpen my skills, like shanks on the concrete
I stay prepared for beef,  in this world where life comes cheap
Seen dude catch two to the cheek, for the Tims off his feet
So I stay close to the heat, cause this world is so cold
It gets hard to breathe, cause I'm kept in a choke hold
Life with no parole, sentenced to die day by day
Locked down in this game, till I'm dropped in a grave
So I flow, for all my peoples locked up in a cage
For those that died in the struggle, back in the days
And all those that's born to hustle, cause we gotta get paid
Man you know how they want us, controlled like dope and cocaine
Man we're nothing but pawns, in their political games
Till we load up and take aim, man ain't shit gonna change.....

[Chorus 2x's]

I'm, scribing my thoughts, like a letter to my fam
Before I'm do in court the only shorts, I'm taking is inhalation
Of nicotine excelling dreams side, another bus ride
Across the country side, where they'll lock me in the game
Where I'm stuck inside, fuck it I'll ride against the system
Gangsters killers and thieves, that want beef
Plot they position to eat, innocent victims
Get repeatedly beat in the head, and turn into the walking dead
Trying to dodge the stalking feds, all they really want is bread
A place to lay they head at least, belly of the beast
Struggling to find peace, to each is own dog don't reach for my bone
Far from home, I call up my fam on the phone
And reminisce about the old times and crimes that we plotted
A young mans logic, filled with garbage can be so microscopic
So now, I use my optics watching the cops
While the fiends cop shit, to feed me where I'm locked in