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Artist: Capital-X
Album:  305375 (Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1
Song:   I Want Justice
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Like this- Who the fuck said, that "X" couldn't make it
Man I got friendly crash spots Brick City to Vegas
Croatia, Italy all the way to Australia
Man I build with comrades Central America to Asia
The struggle is world wide, it doesn't run and hide
And everywhere I go, I be fighting on the front lines
Fuck waving a tech nine, that will get you time
Don't put your life on the line for fucking nickels and dimes (Hell nah)
Man I'll fuckin blow your minds with high caliber rhymes
Yea every line of this rhyme's, considered a felony crime
But all them bureaucratic fucks, can kiss my behind
Like Moses was sent to free the Hebrew slaves
I came for all the prisoners condemned to die by the state
So C.Os. get ya  fucking asses up and crack them gates
No I ain't come filled with hate, I came filled with debate
Spitting evidence, on an iron clad case

I want justice, for George Jackson, and Anthony Haynes
I want justice, for Tony Ford, and Luis Perez
I want justice, for Randy Arroyo and all kids locked in a cage
For Mikey Powell and all victims in Birmingham
I want justice, for every brotha and sister on the row
I want justice, for every broke mutha fucka I know
I want justice, mutha fuckas, and I want it now
I want justice, man I don't give a fuck how

[Verse 2]
Man I ain't trying to win no Grammy, fuck MTV
I rock for all the prisoners on and off the streets
I speak for every brotha, I seen hang dead from a sheet
For every victim in London, murdered by the police
Man it's time to slay that beast, no surrender or retreat
I'm locked and loaded, holding court in the streets
Releasing this weapon of mass destruction, by Unabeatz
Suicide bomber, get ya up out ya seats
Man I'll be the prosecutor, the judge and the  jury
I'll sentence fools to die, by lyrics of fury
While I Impeach the president for dereliction of duty
What I spit causes rioting, and mutha fucken looting
Yo cops is shooting, innocent men
New York New York to the streets of  Birmingham
They waiting to invade Iran, it's all part of their plan
Incarcerated states of America, invading  foreign lands


[Verse 3]
Brooklyn Born, Brick City resident
Man I work hard for mines yo, just like an immigrant
I do what I gots to, to eat and to pay the rent
Man these rappers is spent, and I'm tired of their posing
They're being terminated, all accounts is frozen
I'm spitting this for the rap fanatics, thats been dope sick and jonesing
And it's so high potent, it's to be taken in small dose's
16 bar's, will leave you comatosed
I spit so much truth, I'll make justice choke
Brothers on death row, are being lynched with no rope
Condemned with no hope, who the victims here?
How many innocent  have been murdered, throughout the years
Huntsville Texas, Dominique Greene
Brothas I hear your screams, louder than sirens
As I take stages like a sniper, on roof tops firing
Making noise for the silenced, calling for a seize in the violence