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Artist: Capital-X
Album:  305375 (Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1
Song:   From the Frontlines
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Capital-"X" is coming from the Frontlines, the bloody trenches
The muddy killing fields, of Huntsville Texas
Where I stood amongst hundreds of unmarked graves of murdered brothas and sistas
Sacrificed by politicians, trying to maintain their positions
Man there's over 2 million, men, women and children
Locked up in prisons, in fucked up conditions
Man y'all seen Abu Ghraib, well Polunsky Unit's no different
I spit evidence, that's relevant to what's going on
Man I'll make you see why children go to schools heavily armed
When I'm finished don't be ignorant thinking this was only a song
Man I spit Holy Scriptures like the 59th Psalm
Fuck remaining silent, man I be speaking in tongues
And my words will keep speaking, even if I'm hung like Saddam
I'm the Voice of the Voiceless, strapped with lyrical bombs
I spit and leave casualties dying on the Governor's lawn
I'm Capital-"X" mutha fucka's, the Revolution is on

Coming From the Front Lines, the Bloody Trenches
The muddy killing fields, of the war for justice
The front lines, where some never go home
Reach for your phone cops will rock 10 shots to ya dome
From the front lines, the blood stained streets
Where we're preyed on by police, looking to feed the beast
Coming from the front lines, where I'll spend my last day
Leave in hail of gun fire or locked in a cage

[Verse 2]
I speak for every prisoner buried in an unmarked grave
For every prisoner waiting to be murdered by the state
And for every fucking prisoner, being worked like a slave
For every one of my brothas and sisters working for minimum wage
For every child, locked up in a cage
Man I will fight till the grave, I'll pump my mic like a twelve gauge
While cowards let their own blood die in cage
Fuck that I'll go out like Johnathon Jackson back in days
Man since 9-11, I've seen the new wave
Mass incarceration, prison privatization
Hell our own president held stocks in private prison corporations
Then we wonder why, terrorists wage war on our nation
Heavy police occupation, got us all under surveillance
Masses blind to the facts, sedated on medications
Man we need organizations, with affirmative action
Before they attack us, get up and attack them


[Verse 3]
No justice, no it's not just us
London, England shits just as fucked up
It's just as corrupt, bullets are quick to erupt
Our loved ones dying in the hands, of those we thought we could trust
Thousands of lives lost, modern day holocaust
Police brutality, use of excessive force
The line has been crossed, now there's no turning back
Man they'll probably shoot me in the back, saying this track's a terrorist act
Man I come strapped with the facts, ready for combat
Just like a brainwashed ghetto child sent to kill in Iraq
We're all under attack, and they're shooting to kill
Operation Kratos, got me ready to kill
I'm opening fire, making the blood spill
From Parliament all the way to capitol hill
Injustice, got us up against the wall
Injustice, has got me ready for war