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Artist: Capital-X
Album:  305375 (Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1
Song:   Fight the Apathy
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Mass incarceration, has us losing generations
Economical enslavement, has us face down on the pavement
They lock us up in cages, sentences that are outrages
Friends and family evade us, like this fucking shits contagious
People fail to see, their motivation comes in payments
Man we die locked up in cages, while they vacay in the Caymans
A half ass education, preps us for these situations
Man they'll kill you intravenous, if you show them where a vein is
They'll make you famous, framed with charges that are heinous
Represented by a fucking court appointed ignoramus
Exoneration's happen daily without any explanations
Take a decade and a half, because they bury information
Human rights violations, with no, ramifications
Even the, united nations ignore the condemnation
I been losing my patients, to street corner medications
Man half of them won't make it, like the Africans on slave ships

Y'all gotta see the tragedy, We headed for catastrophe
Y'all think you're living happily, but need to fight the Apathy
They break apart our families, I'm tired of the blasphemy
I'm taking on the enemy, We gotta fight the Apathy
Y'all gotta see the tragedy, We headed for catastrophe
I'm tired of the blasphemy, We gotta fight the Apathy
I'm taking on the enemy, attacking with this rhapsody
This is how it has to be, now stand and fight the Apathy

[Verse 2]
I'm tired of politicians, with their slick talk propositions
They'll lie straight to your face, while they claiming to be Christians
Playing tricks like they're magicians, they'll fool anyone who listens
Those that stand in opposition, be facing life in prison
I face death for what I'm spittin, as I call for armed Resistance
Cause they won't seize the killing, till we all seize existing
We're in, need of assistance, fuck signing a petition
We need, urban guerrillas, with high powered ammunition
I'm on mission, holding heat in benediction
Now I know how Jesus felt, when He faced His Crucifixion
Prosecutor's derelictions got my trigger finger itching
As the Texas Coalition, fights these wrongful death convictions
I, stay optimistic though my peers are pessimistic
Born and raised up in a system, that counts kids as statistics
It's just ridiculous cause violence just breeds violence
But till they seize firing, I'll fight them with these violins


[Verse 3]
If you thought that I was playing, you ain't heard what I been saying
We been talking revolution, since the King assassination
It's time to end the talking all the singing and the praying
Express your indignation, now that's real entertainment
Stand against discrimination, higher prison populations
Stand for better education and for rehabilitation
If, you're scared to say shit, that's no different than enslavement
I don't say this just to say this or to become rich and famous
We're in desperate need of changes, so many things need changing
We got brothers killing brothers, just like they're total strangers
Law enforcement occupations real heavy for containment
And they're quick to find that ass guilty by association
they got free masons, separating all the nations
Fulfilling prophesies in the book or Revelations
They love to hate me, as they seeking my damnation
Cause I fight the Apathy, with every oral presentation