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Artist: Capital-X
Album:  305375 (Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1
Song:   Criminals of War
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You can't deny the evidence, I'm about to reveal
I call for life with no parole, with no plea bargains or deals
This cold blooded murderer, lies, cheats and steals
Like King Blood in Super Max, they should deny all appeals
Serving under Reagan he helped encourage, the Iraq-Iran war
Resulting in the deaths of millions, wounding thousands more
Allowing US oil and arms dealers, to profit greatly
Encouraged US sponsored Dictators, In Latin America in the 80's
Guilty of exterminating thousands, with US-trained death squads
Conducted pre-emptive war, killing thousands in Panama
To bring down Noriega, CIA henchman and drug lord
Disguised as fighting for our freedom, in the name of God
Totally disregarding, international laws
Ignoring and defying International courts
Former super spy, for the CIA
George HW Bush former president U.S. of A

Criminals of War, (Where's the Justice?)
Criminals of War, (Bring them to justice)
Criminals of War, (There's no justice)
Criminals of War, (I Want justice)

[Verse 2]
Let's follow the blood trail, straight to the blood bath
This political tale, was funded by blood cash
Dealing human plasma, killing thousands in Canada
Thousands infected, with blood that was contaminated
Taken from prisoners, in Lincoln County Arkansas
Run by then governor, drugs and arms smuggler
Supporter of the contra, bombings in Yugoslavia
Ties to the mafia, cover ups, first degree murders
The Mena Airport, to the White Water scandals,
Bombed Iraq, conducted punitive sanctions
Caused civilian deaths in the hundreds of thousands
Presided over Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing
Hands covered in blood, surrounded by violence
Sudden death syndrome, war crimes thinly disguised
Don't act surprised as I tell you this account
Bill Clinton's death toll, 10 folds  Ice T's body count


[Verse 3]
This cold hearted killer, should be locked up in chains
But he'll have you thinking different with a huge PR campaign
Like MK-ULTRA he'll twist up your brain
Seeing his influence has encouraged, US foreign policies to change
Caused millions of death, by the stroke of his pen
Propagandist consultant, working for communist governments
Token American with an empire in Australia
The Godfather of the mainstream news Mafia in America
Head of the forth branch of the government, imperialist war monger
Far-right agenda, hording billions of dollars
A real snake charmer, saturating the world with his views
Sort of like Hitler getting the western world hating the Jews
One in every five American homes, are staying tuned
Supporter of the Iraq invasion, we're not talking cartoons
If you can't see the truth, then he's gotten to you
Rupert Murdoch, The mutha fucka that owns the news


[Verse 4]
OK last but not least, this is the son of the beast
Who preached peace as he unleashed missile attacks on the East
Conducted two pre-emptive wars, leaving thousands deceased
Declared war on so called terror, with no retreat
Created legislation for protection from violating Article three
Twice elected black box methods, for no proof of defeat
Rejected the Geneva Convention, claiming to make us all safer
Yet considers the US Constitution, A God damned piece of paper
A dictator that was spoon fed, everything he should say
Condoned degrading treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
Torture at Abu Ghraib and prisoners in Afghanistan
Over one million Iraqi's lie dead in the sand
Eavesdropped on citizens, murdered his fellow Texans
Wasn't the master mind but was in on the planning of 9-11
Skull and bones member, the terror is far from done
George W Bush the former president, Lucifer's son