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Artist: Capital-X
Album:  305375 (Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1
Song:   Conspiracy
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They're locken us up, with blinding speed
Man these crazy fucks, is even giving niggas life for weed
Hell they'll even give you time, for a pipe or seeds
Motivated by greed, they'll put ya nuts in a vice and squeeze
Nigga please, I got two strikes and they're pitching for three
You don't see no pin stripes, man I don't play for the fucking Yankees
They just wanna lock me up, though it costs more then sending me ta Harvard
Cause they'll put me to work for pennies, and reap all the profits
They see me as inferior, that makes me a target
How can you not understand, how I'd blow a mans brains all over the carpet
Dead or alive, since my birth I've been wanted
Either way to these fucks, I'm a rise in the stock market
So I walk heavily guarded, night and day
Because they're hunting me down, just like a run away slave
Standing right here today, I got one foot in the grave
I guess it's the pussy, that be making me brave

[Hook] 2x's
They just wanna, lock us up and throw away the key
In the 1st 2nd, and 3rd degree
Mandatory minimums, where's the liberty?
Truth and justice for all?, it's a conspiracy

[Verse 2]
I wasn't born with a silver spoon, or mutha fucken fork
I got plastic state issues, compliments of New York
Khaki's or greens, housed with killers and fiends
I've lived a nightmare, fuck the American dream
White picket fences on coldesacs, are too far to be seen
Stripped of the rights I never had, so the left holds the heat
I still hear sirens in my sleep, shots ringing out louder then church bells
I still hear screams of agony, echoing through my jail cell
In a man made hell, right here on earth
Can't you see we're all born prisoners, from the day of our birth
And no one's immune to the curse, death by deadly sin
But these pussy clots are still quick, to come and kill by syringe
It's a no win with no end, don't wait till you fall victim
They're even lockin cats up, indefinitely just for suspicion
Hold ya arm steady mutha fucka, make sure you don't miss um
Don't worry you ain't killing a man, you just killing a piece of the system


[Verse 3]
I dream of bloody revolution, my brain stays under siege
I grab the mic and I squeeze, cutting um down at the knees
WAKE UP, ya'll in a deep sleep, thinking ya'll free
Blood stained streets, is the only way we'll ever see liberty
Turn off your TVs for 60 seconds, watch reality
Sit silently-and let the fog lift and fade
You'll clearly see, that we're all born fucking slaves
Misbehave, get yo ass locked in cage
Rampage, they'll pump the poison all up in your veins
Tax payed, drop you in a nameless grave
Fuck your age, no ones to young to die by the state
I've witnessed twelve in the box, seal an adolescence fate
Child like brown face, "X" is making his closing statements
Giving these fucks the opportunity, to make funeral arrangements
I'm in deliberations, in the sentencing phase
Won't stop till "George Jackson Avenged", Blazes the front page