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Artist: Capital-X
Album:  305375 (Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1
Song:   999330
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Imagine being 18, head full of dreams
Yea everything seems, to being going according to plan
Graduated high school at the head of your class
With a full college scholarship, thinking you made it at last
A regular at Sunday mass, till you started following the masses
Living life fast, like you had easy-access
Living just like, every other bastard
Haphazard, walking around half plastered
Praying to God, not knowing Satan's really your master
Walking half a step away from total disaster
Then in a flash, your life skips to it's final chapter
You can almost hear, Lucifer's laughter
Echoing from the here after, cause now you're captured
Waiting to be murdered in cold blood by your captors
Your life up until this point, doesn't really matter
They're prepared to hook you up to a chemical reactor

Sitting on the row, it's almost time to go
Now you know the whole entire world is cold
You're born alone, to die all alone
Now you're nothing but a number, 999330
It's time the whole world knows that justice doesn't exist
And we're all doomed, if you don't stand up to resist
Jesus knows no one deserves to die like this
This is not Gods will, this is politics

[Verse 2]
It all unfolded like a bad dream, a scene in a movie
Five minutes of your life, changed your whole destiny
Fell into the hands, of man kinds worst enemy
Now you're feeling trapped, between reality and fantasy
One minute you're driving around with your friends happily
Acting like them cats you saw in menace to society
Next second you're confronted, by a man acting rabidly
And you were trained to react, having spent time in the military
You feel your life's threatened, no time to think rationally
And if you don't blast first in your hood, you'll die in the street
You seen him reaching for heat, your heart seized to beat
In a blink of an eye, his blood covered the concrete
You ain't even know, if you were awake or a sleep
Till that cell door slammed shut, and you were forced to see
You been found guilty of murder in the first degree
Sentenced to die, and no one sees the crime against humanity


[Verse 3]
A jury sealed your fate, man you can see the hate in their face
You couldn't help but to think, how they despise your race
Now your locked in a cage, 23 hours a day
And your only hope, is that someone takes a look at your case
But it's like you're voiceless, stuck between time and space
And they're out for revenge, because you made one mistake
It seems like Jesus' death was in vane
You feel pain, the guilt strangles your brain
As your dehumanized, you no longer have a name
You start to see how the government has society trained
It's all a game, everyone stands to be blamed
Forgiveness shot down in flames, all for political gain
Man we need change, before it's to late in the game
See this scenario is real, and the number has a name
Anthony Haynes, we won't let him die in vane
Father Forgive them, in Jesus' name